Bull: (S01E14) “It’s Classified”

Lieutenant Tamsin Dale is arrested for espionage. She’s facing 111 years for leaking a document to a media rag, Globespill.  Although the Lieutenant isn’t a spy, she is a whistle-blower and violated the Espionage Act, when she exposed a Colonel for wrong doing. Although 3 rangers were killed in the line of duty, due to this leak, she is not charged with their deaths.  In addition, Colonel Kiel the subject of the leak was forced to resign.  These are flags that something else is going on.  However, “the powers that be” are not swayed.  After all, “If soldiers just start going their own way outside the chain of command people die. That’s not hyperbole” The Lieutenant is arrested for court-martial.  It looks like a done deal; and then came Bull.

Military stuff is very private and rules are strict. In a situation of “Lawyers Only”, Bull is not allowed to accompany Benjamin to the black site of lawyer conference with the judge.  It’s army confidential & a breach would give 10 yrs in a federal prison to Benjamin. Upon reading the document, Benjamin finds this is the evidence that would set the Lieutenant free.  It is the original submission to Globalspill. It was doctored,  yet it is excluded. It’s still classified.  He’s unable to share with Bull or the team. He’s on his own.

 Bull respects Benjamin’s need to withhold, yet he needs to know what happened in the black hole. He finds a way to get what he needs.  And right here I added another delightful discovery about Bull. Among his other talents, he is a human lie detector. With Bull holding Benjamin’s hands at the wrist, legs overlapping and sitting very close, he begins a “yes and no” session with Ben. Chunk’s face in witness was priceless!  I agree.  That position would increase my pulse rate as well, regardless of the questions!   #foreplay   #bigdaddy

Meanwhile, back @ the ranch, Marissa sees a light blinking on the back of one of the computers; although she’s ordered a shut down of all technology during this trial. They’ve been hacked & all the TAC profiles are wrong! The jury is not made up of what they were aiming for. Screwed?

This was a good episode. It had just enough mystery, intrigue, “who done it” and personal insights to the main characters without giving away too much. For example, Bull shares a boy hood story about trust and Benjamin looks like he was ready to beat down Bull because of a loss of trust. In addition, this was one of the times Bull lost…kinda. The Lieutenant is found guilty on 1 of 4 counts. Yet Bull calls it “Mission Failure” It’s apparent the word, “loss”  and anything related is not in his vocabulary.

Finally, although there was not a question for the jury again, I came away with a couple that played out within the episode.  “When does humanity trump duty and when do I fall on a grenade?”  Choices, choices, choices! 

New episodes of Bull usually air, Tuesday, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time