Imposters (S01E02) “My Balls, Dickhead”

Fool me once, shame on me for going after you. It appears that once you’re fooled only doubt surrounds you and the only way to get rid of it is finding answers. The second episode of Imposters is about how love fools us. Love is being fooled but in a positive way. It starts with Ava in her new assignment. Her prey, by the name of Gary (you can imagine how he looks), works at a bank and she’s aiming to be his new assistant. Ava, or Saffron now (let’s face it, she got skills), is dedicated to the mission. I’m calling this part conning the audience. We need to relate to her so we see her prepare, work and probably have real feelings.

Who has actually real feelings is Ezra. Yes, we’re already related to and probably pity him a little. So we go off on a mission with him and Richard. Of course, Ezra’s only objective is getting back together with her (talk about fools) mainly because he’s in denial. But at least Team Preys (or We Only Love Once) make an interesting couple. Ezra, the brains, and Richard, the muscle, must travel 710 miles to find her. But also to learn how to make easy money. The impressive way they figure out how to get themselves some cash is by learning how to con. Does this mean they will finally understand Ava or love her more? What they discover, by the end of the episode, is that Ava has a history of fooling others.


Quotes from the episode:

“I know what hurt looks like”

“That’s right, bitches, ‘cause I ain’t your momma”

“I can’t buy a protein shake but you can buy books?”

“-Knock, knock

-Who’s there?

-My balls, dickhead”