NCIS NOLA: (S03E14) “Pandora’s Box, Part II”

In a cross over episode from NCIS (D.C) Senior Special Agent, Timothy McGee, (Sean Murray) and Special Agent, Nicholas “Nick” Torres, (Wilmer Valderrama) arrive in the city on the trail of a hacker who has stolen a Homeland Security theoretical playbook for terrorist.  They want it back before it’s auctioned on the black market.  Nick convinces his boss, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) that he’s most effective undercover. McGee is sent along for back up.  He’s not to let Torres out of his site as well as provide his killa’ cyber skills for the case. This is a good thing, because Patton (Darryl “chill” Mitchell) is still at a cyber conference, apparently!

Torres is arrested, shortly after arrival, when a suspect falls into his arms; dead from a stab wound. He chases the murder suspect in a mask that “every one’s wearing” a Harlequin clown costume.  It’s pre Mardi Gras week.  Welcome to N’Awlins!

 On the other side of town, McGee has obviously lost Torres.  He arrives at the station, bejeweled in beads, glittered and with a drink in his hand.  Welcome to N’Awlins!

Last week and the first week of Patton’s cyber convention, Sebastian got a chance to meet and work with his cyber idol, Elvis Bertrand (Tom Arnold) This week he works with McGee.  Through McGee, he can see himself as “future Sebastian”, when he meets the legendary nerd, who went from probie to super special agent, “over night!” In his adoration, he proclaims, “You’re a nerd like me, you know? But you’re this badass nerd!” He sees hope for himself, as he continues to work on his self-esteem and “style” It would help if he wouldn’t walk upon a suspect & introduce himself with, “Hi”, I’m a Federal Agent!  To which, he’s immediately hit in the stomach & is thrown into the trash, while riding the suspect’s back.  I was screaming! “Hella” funny in a serious moment; yet still hella funny!  “Badass McGee” knocked the suspect out with what Sebastian thought was a “Vulcan Pinch” (I’m even laughing as I type this) I just love him and I so want him to succeed, yet …”Lucy, we still got much work to do!” 

Grammy winner, Maren Morris sings at the club. Russian Agent, Eva Azarova, (Cassidy Freeman) was the hacker who,  “kissed a girl” and liked it. She also kills fellow agent, Victor (Erik Passoja) It was personal.

 If Sebastian is my funny, Gregorio is my surprise; she was watchable. What?!  She had chemistry with Eva AND Torres. Whether they were in casual conversation, working, planning, fighting or “teasing”  she was good tonight.

Sebastian & McGee say good-bye with promises to stay in touch.  (My boy needs a mentor) and Gregorio and Eva say, “good-bye for now” It would be nice if both would pop in now and again. McGee is good for Sebastian and Eva for Gregorio. No doubt Eva has an escape plan to address those hundreds of years in the Federal pen, so stop on by!

Greatest episode flaw: It would’ve  been mo’betta, if the show was back to back,  with NCIS’ part l; keeping viewer rush and adrenalin flowing.  Maybe next crossover.

New episodes of NCIS New Orleans, usually air Tuesday, 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time