Supernatural (S12E12) “Stuck in the Middle (with you)”

To be honest I thought this was going to be a walk in the park demon hunt, when the episode opened up. The boys, Mamma Winchester, and Wally chat up at a diner. About the mission, joking and giving Cas advice on picking up waiters. That was hilarious! But things pull a 360! It jumps further ahead! Cas is hurt, Wally dies, and the boys are fighting pain in the as demons! The hell!

We go back to the diner again. All is well, Sam asking for wifi, and going over the plan again, then executing it. Things go wrong though cause this demon isn’t ordinary! Beats the crap out of Cas, even stabs him with an unknown spear. Sam & Dean are dealing with extra demons but Wally had a hard time learning to kill…so he’s dead. We then jump to the boys showing up at the barn asking Mamma Winchester what the hell they got them into! Cause there dealing with the Yellow Eyed Demon!

Now were dealing with Mary’s point of view. She got Wally into this as a cover up mission, she’s working for the British Men of Letter behind the boys back, and she took something from the demon’s safe. An that something could probably get them killed! Guess who shows up next? Crowley himself! Not with good news either, telling them that there idiots and there going to die. Crowley was the one to give the Yellow Eyed Demon the spear (since this demon is a collector of weapons) and something special that was in the safe. All as gifts to get him on his good side, why? Well he needs this demon to take the throne..for he’s a Prince of Hell aka one of Lucifer’s Ex-Generals from the war. You got to be kidding me! Were now dealing with a Prince! An there’s more then one by the way…th boys willhave there hands full later.

Crowley does try to be helpful though, by making another deal. Yet, that back fires with him being thrown through the barn. He’s out of the fight. Before this though the show jumps back a little bit before Crowley get thrown in with Cas giving, literally, a farewell speech. I felt so bad for him and I was yelling at the TV more then I should have. Mr. Yellow Eyed Demon isn’t playing anymore games, he wants what’s his back in 30secs or they all die. The boys have no clue of what he’s talking about but Mamma Winchester does. This is where I get irritated…Cas is dying & you do nothing. You don’t give it back! He called you family in his speech and that he loved all of you! Even you Mamma Winchester!

I just found that cold & her pride (or stubbornness or whatever) shouldn’t have held her back! If it was Sam or Dean she would’ve done it! But I guess Cas isn’t all that important to her. So they have to fight. Surprisingly Sam is able to stab him with the Archangel spear and he literally explodes! But that doesn’t help Cas at all, he’s throwing up black goo. He’s scaring us all…luckily Crowley saved him. All the magic was in the spear, so he broke it. Your welcome boys. Cas was fully cured & they all headed home.

In conclusion, Mary was telling the story to one of the men of letters. She was pissed after telling it cause she loast a friend & almost one of her boys (guess she does somewhatly care). But in the end she gave him the shiny prize he wanted. Here’s another little something that has resurfaced..the COLT! HOW! I have no clue but that thing should’ve been long gone! Now the British have it, Crowley is on the hunt for it, and Lucy is in a cage. Lucy is the dog now.