The Magicians (S02E04) “The Flying Forest”

Quentin lost part of his arm during his fight with the Beast so Margo and Eliot take him to a centaur healer. Margo and Eliot have a kingdom to run so they can’t stay for when Quentin wakes up. Eliot leaves him a note with a box of Alice’s things. Julia puts Marina’s body on ice and goes in search of Kady whom she finds in a crack den chasing that proverbial dragon. Margo and Eliot meet with their advisors who tell them that things are getting bad to worse ever since Ember crapped in the magic well. Eliot suggests building a statue in memorial of Alice but it’s not in the budget and Margo is against the idea saying that they weren’t Alice’s friends. Eliot complains that at least Margo and Quentin can go back to Earth while he’s stuck in Fillory forever. Margo has an idea that might help with that. Margo goes to Brakebills to find the spell needed and Penny pops back up asking if they won. Margo tells him they defeated the Beast but that Quentin was hurt bad and Alice died. Penny teleports out of there whether out of despair or because he still can’t control his magic (because Julia ripped off his other charm bracelet holding him together). Quentin wakes up to find half of his shoulder is made of wood now and finds Eliot’s note. Penny appears hoping the centaur will help his hand problem. Of course Quentin and Penny argue about their grief over Alice and decide to heal there in silence. Julia gets Kady cleaned up and tells her what happened. She shows Kady that Marina left a message for them on her arm for a necromancy book but it’s at Brakebills. Julia still has a key to the school but Kady is afraid she’ll set off some wards. Instead Kady and Julia charm a BFF necklace so that Julia can navigate the school with Kady’s eyes.


Margo and Eliot bring his Eliot Golem to life and send it to Earth. Through a psychic link Eliot can speak and behave normally through his golem. They go to their dorm house to find that kiss up Todd has essentially taken Eliot’s place as Party King to Eliot’s chagrin. Julia gets into Brakebills and finds the book they need but it’s in a strange language that she has to copy but that would take forever and she would be found out. Kady suggests Julia go to Quentin, Margo, and Eliot’s old dorm to copy the book there. Eliot is about to have a hot hook up with a sexy stud but his sex-crazed wife interrupts so Eliot is talking to both his sex partners at the same time and decides to have sex regardless who it’s with. Does that count as a threesome? Dean Fogg tries to work magic but it’s on the fritz and he’s not the only one experiencing problems with it. Penny asks the centaur to help him but hearing that it was the River Watcher that cursed him the centaur doesn’t want anything to do with him, afraid Penny’s curse would spill out into the centaur’s hospital tent. Quentin meanwhile spots the White Lady and gets an idea. He starts practicing archery saying that he’s going to capture the White Lady. Eliot goes to Dean Fogg to talk about the problems of running a whole world and the burden of it. Fogg offers to help Eliot as much as he can. Penny tries to get a good night’s sleep but his hands try to kill him. He breaks his arms then casually asks Quentin to cut off his hands. Getting drunk enough to numb the pain while your frenemy cuts off your hands is about as good an idea as it sounds. Quentin fumbles the operation but manages to cut off Penny’s offensive hands.


Margo runs into Julia hiding out at Brakebills and confronts her for betraying them. Julia defends herself complaining that they betrayed her as well because if they had followed her plan then both Reynard and the Beast would be dead. Really, Julia? Doubt it. But Julia strikes a chord at Margo about how she treats her own friends. Margo gives Julia a way to more easily copy the necromancy book. Quentin isn’t getting better at his archery so Penny offers some tutting advice to make his arrows fly straighter. They both head into the Flying Forest in search of the White Lady. I guess Flying Forest means getting high as a kite as Quentin and Penny start to get silly wandering around in the misty forest getting lost. Julia and Kady look for a spell to bring Marina back from the dead but only temporarily. After waking Marina back from the dead she tells them about a woman 40 years ago who banished Reynard from Earth to the same place Julia summoned him from. Julia has to find the woman to help her. Quentin and Penny wander out of the Flying Forest and Q has something of an emotional break down but Penny doesn’t let him crumble. He apologizes for being a jerk and that they need each other. Quentin manages to get back on his feet and take up the search for the White Lady again. Margo goes to Fillory and says they should build Alice a statue because they owe her for her sacrifice. Eliot says they don’t have it in the budget but Margo says that they’re magicians so they can build the statue themselves. Quentin and Penny track down the White Lady. Quentin shoots the White Lady down and he and Penny request a wish. Quentin asks her to bring Alice back to life but the White Lady says it’s impossible because even magical creatures have limits. No one wants to poke through the veil to the dead. Penny gets his wish though as the White Lady grows him new hands. The White Lady asks Quentin if he wanted his memories of Alice gone but he refuses. Instead he asks to be sent home. Quentin tosses his bow and arrows into a trash can then walks into the throng of people in the city.


Solid A. The writers perfectly blend comedy with tragedy. I was in hysterics. I didn’t cry but I was saddened by Quentin’s emotional break down and the look on his face when the White Lady told him she couldn’t bring Alice back from the dead. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy but they’ll bring her back (I hope). I loved how Quentin said no to forgetting Alice altogether. It shows how noble he is at his heart and soul. Julia and Margo’s confrontation was full of sparks with I hate to admit both had solid points. But I’d like to point out that if Julia had ASKED politely for help then Quentin would have moved heaven and earth to help her get Reynard. Alice would have probably helped too because Reynard’s a monster and we saw how upset she was about the ghost children in season 1. Seems though Julia and Kady are becoming friends. Both are messed up and burned bridges but I can’t help but feel they’ll screw each other over. Or maybe I’m just a pessimist or biased in this regard.