Chicago Med (S02E14): “Cold Front”

“Cold Front” was the most intense episode of Chicago Med in a long time. With so much happening at once, it was slightly hard to follow all the patient cases, but nevertheless, it was an extremely interesting episode.

The Med doctors ask one mother to make the impossible choice – save her son or nephew. Ultimately, the doctors decide for her, but it is incredibly emotional when the father wakes up and is upset with his wife (understandably). This case showed a true sense of compassion from the doctors, especially when they rally to get blood donations from any possible person in the hospital. When it all comes down to it, Ethan saves the day. This is especially good for him after dealing with a patient all day who ultimately died before his final wish was granted – saying goodbye to his wife.

I think this episode did a pretty good job of creating intensity while also maintaining good character development, which I appreciate.

Overall Rating: A-