Chicago PD (S04E14): “Seven Indictments”

This episode of Chicago PD was very interesting, and offered information many Chicago PD fans have been waiting for.

Rixton, Adam’s temporary replacement, showed up out of the blue, and since we didn’t know much about him – until now. The crew’s suspicions about Rixon were completely normal and justified, but I truly loved Halstead’s apology. It was so heartfelt and really showed the lovable qualities of this unit.

The case in itself was complex, which most usually are. I loved the connection between Platt’s homeless man case and the unit’s case. Platt’s genuine care for this man, opposed to her colleagues reactions, was very humbling. She had every reason to treat him poorly after she was injured, but instead, she made sure he was taken care of. Because of her, an innocent suspect was not sent to jail for murder.

This episode was great – especially the ending. I’m so glad to see Adam back, and hopeful for his future with Burgess. I am very curious to see how things will shift around in Intelligence now.

Overall Rating: A