Legion (S01E02) “Chapter 2”


In this episode we get to learn more about the life and times of David (Dan Stevens). He has been taken under the wing of a Melanie (Jean Smart), who is a powerful telepath herself. She want’s to help David uncover his vast potential and come to terms with the fact that his illness isn’t real.

As we move further into the episode more parts of David’s mind are being unlocked. They call this process “Memory Work”. This process is fulled by Ptonomy (Jermaine Harris), who seems to be able to control memories, not just his own but other people’s. But the deeper he tries to probe into the locked parts of David’s mind the more resistance he faces. There is an underlying power that want’s to keep certain things under lock and key.

In order to flourish in this place, which they call “Summerland”, there needs to be trust and cooperation on both ends. Memory Work and Talk Work are just the beginning. Even with Syd (Rachel Keller) trying to be the voice of reason, it does little to ease the voices and worries that plague David’s mind. And the fact that they can’t touch doesn’t help either, for now they will have to deal with a romance of the mind.

Meanwhile outside the safe confines of their Sanctuary, “The Eye” (Mackenzie Gray) is determined to track both Syd and David down and take them in to the Division 3 higher ups. Which turns out to be a government agency that tries to assimilate mutants and if they cannot, they destroy them. The threat is imminent and it’s only a matter of time before they are found.

They can sense the strength inside of David and want to get to the bottom of what makes him tick, so they decide to do a brain scan to see what oddities they may find in there and if they’re lucky they might get a glimpse of his powers. As he gets increasingly agitated and tries to keep the voices at bay he uses a trick that Melanie had taught him earlier, a way to focus on one voice and go from there.

One voice seems to resonate deeper with him and he latches on, recognizing the voice of his sister Amy (Katie Aselton). Instead of the calm, even tone he is used to, she sounds more frantic and this starts to set him off. Focusing in on her voice he is transported back to Clockworks. Instead of looking at some distant memory he is faced with the here and now, and his sister who is desperately trying to find him. They are trying to convince her that he was never a patient there, despite her being there for hundreds of visits. Before he fades back to his body he notices “The Eye” coming down the hallway straight for his unsuspecting sister.

This sets of a chain reaction of events. As the technicians are marvelling in his brain waves, racing off to inform Melanie of the breakthrough, it is all crashing down around a very anxious David. The lights flicker and it becomes something out of a horror movie, which is befitting when the “Yellow Eyed Blob” makes a brief appearance. In the blink of an eye it is all over, and David is left on the ground shaken and confused. He had transported the brain scan machine to the outside of the sanctuary.

I know that we have barely scratched the surface on the powers that reside in David and it will be interesting on how they bring each of those forces to life.

Now there is something else propelling him forward, and with the temptation of leaving to go and save Amy on his own accord, there are benefits of him staying there until he is stronger and understands his powers more. The fight is just beginning and he needs all the help he can get.

Another mind trip from start to finish but the development of each character is starting to shine through.

Rating : 8/10

Legion airs Wednesdays on FX at 10PM ET/PT