Powerless (S01E03) “Sinking Day”

With profits at Wayne Security performing well, who’s to take the credit: Emily or Van?

When Van ask Emily to look at a report about the company’s profit, things were looking amazing. To Van: he’s excited and takes credit as to Emily thinks that she’s the one who brought profits up. The two don’t see eye to eye but Emily thinks that what she does can profit better than Van’s way.

When Ace Chemicals owner sees their product, to stop people from falling in and turning into evil clowns every three months, but it wasn’t what the owner wanted and told them that he sent an email out with ideas of what he wanted. Emily didn’t get the email but the owner explains that he sent it to Van about it and soon after Ace Chemicals leaves Wayne Security for Lexcrop.

As soon as word got out, Van’s father shows up all upset and tells him he lost respect for him. Later on, Emily tries to talk to Van about the issues and use her father and his flower shop as an example. But she gives him the courage to make a call to other companies but stop short, but Emily found that Atlantis was in need of help so she called them for a meeting.

The meeting seemed to go well until they had to leave to get back to their city for Sinking Day, whatever the hell that mean. So Van tells them that he celebrates Sinking Day too and invites them along and tells them that Aquaman will be there too. Making promises that he might not seem to keep puts a stressful Emily at bay, but comes Sinking Day and everything look like the low budget of enchanted undersea dance from Back to the Future.

Emily greeted the members and things looked good. Van shows up and bring each of the three members a personal gift, fake alcohol, Brandon Frazier movie collection and two things of perfume. As the ball was rolling, Van’s dad shows up and take it way from Van. Van goes to his office, playing his guitar with no pants just singing about he has daddy issues and needs a tissue. Emily gets him going once again and tells his dad that it’s his business and client and to back off and so he did and the deal went smooth until I think Van went to grab the big tuna that was a mistake to have there. Later, Van and Emily sat down and started singing a song from their heart about the day.

“Sinking Day” was a good episode, mostly watching the performance between Vanessa Hudgens and Alan Tudyk was just amazing, funny and memorable. Those two have some comedy chemistry going on. The second story plot was okay, it just seemed to be like a snack story when it comes to knowing if Alex, the accountant, is The Olympian. But I really liked the short opening of the Hudgens, Pudi, Funches and Pierson talking about where we from and race as it was humorist to hear the word half Philadelphian.  The writing was good as well. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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