Star: (S01E08) “Mama’s Boy”

In the last episode: Alexandra is arrested during a traffic stop.  Her mom, Rose Spencer-Crane (Naomi Campbell) bails her out.  She’s also willing to help Derek, who was arrested in a separate incident, if she’ll come home.  His bail is $250 thousand.  They’ll need 10%.  She’ll think about it. In the meantime, Star suggests a neighborhood fund-raiser, a street party.  They’re all in.

Over at Jahil’s, the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protest video is a hit.  People, are calling him and want in. They’re hyped with this new edition.  (Eva)  She’s an appeal to the huge latino population. Before he can add her to “Big Trouble”  Star wants the vid taken down; after all, she’s not in it! #allaboutme

Cotton tells her man, Elliot Wu, (Jack Yang) about her situation. She wasn’t born a woman and still has a penis.  He didn’t run. sweet*  He takes her home, meets Carlotta and Pastor who are in a close moment It was chilly in there. He leaves. 

Soon thereafter, Carlotta slaps Cotton because she thinks  Elliot is a “John”  she brought home and after Cotton calls her “doing” the pastor,  hypocritical.  With apology, Carlotta asks Cotton for her $20K savings to bail out Derek. She says, “no”  Her surgery is scheduled for next week

Still looking to met the demands of the bail, Star asks Hunter to donate, $5 or $20K. He thinks she is like the other gold digging’ sluts.  He slaps her after she once again insults his mama. He looked devastated as he threw himself on the bed, stifles a scream and looks like he may be having a flashback of a bad memory; he’s sorry for the slap or the unpredictability of steroids is surfacing. 

Later, Hunter pops up at the block party, with Super Star,  “Pumpkin” (Missy Elliott) After her pep talk, the event raised nearly $15k* He says “sorry” in a big way, doesn’t he?  Yet still short $10k, Alexandra gives in to her mom for the balance.  She’ll go home with her. However, Alexandra didn’t show up @  flight time. She’s @ the jail for Derek’s release. She loves him*

Carlotta  assures Cotton, she supports her and wants Pastor Bobby to come over and pray for them. She agrees for her mama. Even my spidey senses kicked in here.* When Pastor Bobby arrives, he prays for the soul of “Arnold” to refute the demons in his heart. He “lays hands” on Cotton & demands, like an Exorcist, she repeat  “I am a man”  She tries, but softly whispers”mama” with tears streaming. It was hard to watch.* The music cutaway was almost welcomed. Almost!  Realizing mama had set her up, she leaves the room.  Carlotta yells at Bobby to “get out!” Although she had asked for his help, this isn’t what she wanted, apparently.  Or maybe she just finally, “got it!”  Pastor Bobby leaves, declaring”ya’ll both need help!” Yet later when alone and after prayer, he removes his collar and says, “who was he to judge?!”* 

In another room, Star arrives as Cotton has a gun to her head. She talks her down with so much irritation & annoyance, Cotton laughs.  I must say, The hurt, sense of betrayal , confusion  and ultimate  realization was well done, by all concerned*

And finally, Jahil introduces Eva to “Big Trouble” He wants to win the competition & he believes the  addition of Eva is the ticket.  Alexandra and Simone are speechless. Star quits. “Bye Felicia”

 The John Doe who is Otis investigation is peppered through out. ‘Expect an interrogation of the usual suspects & persons of interest next week.

Star usually airs, Wednesday nights @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific TIme on Fox

Key: (*) worth the time and eye strain