Suits (S06E14) “Admission Of Guilt”



Admission of Guilt

After finishing this episode I struggled to narrow it down to a few hundreds of words and highlight which parts were (as objectively as possible) important. But, what I did notice is that this episode presented constant intertwining between progression and regression of characters.  The question I found myself asking is if the way they are behaving is just trying to mimic life- people’s unpredictability and changes of heart, or maybe something, that will backfire to try and teach some yet another lesson.

In that way, it seems only fitting to start with Harvey and Mike. The once powerful duo that was learning from each other in all the good ways possible- one wearing his heart on his sleeve and in need of professional guidance and the other the exact opposite, seems to have failed to do so this time. They both said and promised things such as “helping people”, “not wanting to risk going to prison again” and “focusing on the firm and being managing partner” in the span of the last few episodes, but in just 40 minutes they have managed to backtrack in ways such as: risking getting caught for suing for personal gain, their deal with Craig firing back at them, lying to Nathan and Oliver, taking advantage of being given a fresh start after spending time in jail for a crime committed, all of which resulted in James, the CEO finding out their agenda and revealing what Craig’s true motives for reaching out to them really were.

Throughout 6A we followed Mike’s path to finally being free- literally and also figuratively, the secret of being a fraud becoming a thing of the past and a lesson, instead of a daily burden but that didn’t last long. In 6×11, 6×12 and 13, I would argue even, that we saw a person that has learnt from his mistakes, tried to help and adapt to this new life, but 6×14, although on some level understandable, changed those few steps forward into a bigger few back. His wish to be a lawyer on its own is not something that seemed to bothered most people, it’s the way he is trying to get there, with the help of Harvey, both regressing back to having to rely on illegal means to complete a task that somehow doesn’t even seem to match with Mike’s character growth? He mentioned numerous of times that he wants to finally help people, in any way possible, but at this very moment, one of the answer to the question of what will happen if he passes the bar is him coming back to the place he swore he wouldn’t- Pearson Specter Litt.

While Harvey focused on this “new challenge”, his co-managing partner was forced to perform most of the obligations of their position on his own. As opposed to the already mentioned duo, Louis continues to show character growth in his professional and person life. On one hand he, with the help of Katrina and Rachel tried to keep one of their clients at the firm when Harvey bailed out of their annual meeting and on the other kept trying to make his relationship with Tara work. Although, he reveals at the end of the episode that even though Katrina and Rachel did a great job, the fact that both managing partners weren’t there played part in their client firing them, his partnership with Tara seems to be working well and continues to get additional depth in every episode.

In a lot of ways it has to do with the fact that by growing as a person, becoming less impulsive and more understanding, he not only managed to improve himself, but also lift other people up. In this episode that was the already mentioned new team – Katrina and Rachel (khm… I ship it).

Despite their rocky past, it ended with Katrina getting a job at Mr. Zane and even though she returned to the firm now as a junior partner, her gratitude towards Rachel remained and it created a great foundation for them to form a friendship while trying to help Louis. Even though Donna’s idea for them to assist with the client presentation didn’t turn out the way they planned, it sparked a dynamic that will hopefully continue to evolve.

Similarly in 6B we have Donna and Benjamin. After the introduction of The Donna in the previous episode, there were many different responses all over social media to the much anticipated Donna storyline. I said in my previous review that I am going to give them time to further develop this and add it more depth and from my point of view that definitely did happen.

Even though the last Donna scene of the episode was most certainly very important because it showed that Benjamin managed to get the device to learn some compassion, it also gave us incredible insight into Donna’s psyche that we don’t get very often: She always tries hard to do everything perfectly and never disappoint but at the end of the day she is like everyone else- only human. But besides that, there were two other scenes that, when observed and thought of more closely revealed a lot too.

Her second scene with Benjamin, where he told her the project was not working out the way they planned, showed us her typical reaction- she was more concerned with his feelings and lifting him up than with the fact that this project might fail. If you, till that moment thought that she didn’t really care too much about the whole concept of her doing something outside her every day job, you should pay attention to her tone and expression when she tries to reassure Benjamin that he didn’t let her down and walks out. She looks disappointed and it’s something we don’t get to see enough on this show in regards to Donna.

The second scene I am predicting could carry more importance in the future is the fact that Harvey has now been made aware of her project. Their scene provided some much needed flirting and lightness that they were deprived off in 6A because of the atmosphere of problems surrounding them at that point, but I am wondering now that Donna is starting to listen to herself more and the idea is growing onto her, in what way this will affect their working and personal relationship.

All in all this episode didn’t as much introduce new conflicts, as it further developed the ones from previous episodes. What I found most interesting was the ways they parallel some characters’ personal growth to others struggling with doing just so. With only two episodes left, I am hoping that most of these plots get a closure and set a good basis for season 7 to continue in a way that will hopefully show more of what learning from mistakes means.


Next episode with the title ‘Quid Pro Quo’ airs next week.