Emerald City (S01E08) “Lions In Winter”

Holy Magic 8 balls! This episode has to definitely be titled as one of the glory episodes of this season. Truly an amazing episode with so much revealed with Tip (Jordan Loughran), Glinda (Joely Richardson), and even more emotional Wicked Witch of the West (Ana Ularu). I truly hope this series gets picked up for another season because it deserves it!

In this episode: We pick up where we left off in the fields with West (Ana Ularu) and Tip (Jordan Loughran) learning about the dagger that Tip had hidden away in the last episode. Revealing the dagger belonged to the royalty of Oz, the one who will rule Oz if they own that dagger. West then tells Tip of a place they need to go to, to find out if Tip truly is the person of royalty by going through the trial or die from the process. West then fast flies her and Tip to the location. West gives Tip a cup that has the trial, when Tip drinks the cup she falls into a sort of trance. Tip then receives images of her father the King of Oz and her mother running from a hunter. Thus revealing the hunter as a Lion who slays the king and the wife but keeps the child alive. West unaware of what’s happening tries waking Tip but believes she’s dead.

Meanwhile, at Glinda’s castle, Dorothy (Adria Arjona) is being held as a prisoner with company from a pregnant woman who betrayed Glinda’s (Joely Richardson) trust. Dorothy tries coming up with a plan of escape but fails, only to find out Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is actually Glinda’s husband. Glinda then shows Sylvie (Rebeka Rea) to the room of where all the other young witches are being kept, but frightened and wanting to be with Dorothy, Sylvie asks where they are but Glinda assures Sylvie once she has gained control over her power she won’t need Dorothy or anyone ever again. Glinda then tries satisfying her long lost husband with the pleasure he has been awaiting but feels nothing.

The next day, Sylvie is at dinner with the other young witches trying to eat her dinner but gets frustrated when the other witches bully her to try to make her use her powers only to turn her dinner into stone. Sylvie then sulks as all the other children make fun of her.

Jack (Gerran Howell) then awakes at Lady Ev’s chambers to find her butler (Scott Young) at his services but he wants to know where Lady Ev (Stefanie Martini) is at. When Jack is told he can’t see Lady Ev he then chooses to make a carriage ride towards Jane (Gina McKee) to visit to see how she’s doing. When Jack learns Lady Ev fired Jane because she refused to make guns for Lady Ev. Jack is then distraught and angered about the decision and makes haste back to Lady Ev to find out if what Jane told him is true about Jack being only property and nothing more.

Back with West and Tip, West believes Tip is dead and takes her body to the ritual of burying royalty in the location by drowning the body. West says great words as she sheds tears of having to drown the body of not just a girl but someone who became a true friend to her. Overcome by grief West speed travels towards Glinda in hopes to have kind words from her sister.

Meanwhile at Glinda’s castle; Glinda’s servant Ryenne (Lily Newmark) hears distress coming from the prisons and finds Dorothy helping the pregnant woman give birth but thinks Dorothy is trying to kill the woman so Ryenne begins to choke Dorothy. Dorothy then explains the woman is giving birth and she’s a nurse who can help. Ryenne lets her go and alerts Glinda immediately; Glinda comes to see if she can help Dorothy in any way, Dorothy tells Glinda the woman needs to be relieved of her pain so Glinda does it. Lucas then comes to see what the screaming is all about. Lucas then helps Dorothy with the birth and it sparks a rage with Glinda. After the baby is born Lucas shows a sign of joy but is short lived when Glinda demands for him to leave.

The next day, Sylvie is trying to eat her dinner again but the young witches begin to bully her once again. Sylvie then thinks, while using her magic, “enough is enough” and forces all the young witches bowls of soup towards her. Glinda impressed by what Dorothy did for the woman in the prison hold, decides to have her help in a more intense way to help the young witches who are not able to uphold their true power and have gone in a loop of madness. Glinda locks her into the room and leaves Dorothy to get to work.

Glinda then goes to her garden of roses, Lucas tries to cheer her up but it seems not to help. Glinda then becomes curious about Lucas’s feelings towards Dorothy and Lucas assures her he loves Glinda and not Dorothy. Lucas then leaves the room; Glinda then gets a visit from West. West begs Glinda to let her see their mother, to please let her be by both of their sides but Glinda denies West the privilege of seeing their mother and to be at their side. Glinda then tells West that West was the rightful heir to their mother’s future, not Glinda but Glinda had to lie to their mother to make her no longer trust West. Finding this truth to hurt so much, West leaves back to the chamber she left Tip’s body at.

When Lucas brings another witch’s body of not being able to overcome their true power Dorothy then has enough of the madness and embraces her power to gain revenge for them on Glinda. Dorothy goes to Glinda’s chambers to use her powers to suffocate Glinda but before she’s able to succeed, Lucas stops her from using her powers. Dorothy then leaves trying to take Sylvie with her but Sylvie already chose her place with the other witches. Glinda demands for Lucas to go after her but he tells Glinda he can’t he was the only one who was able to break her magic and he doesn’t know how to let go of the pain he feels. Glinda tells Lucas to kill Dorothy and it will rid him of the pain he feels so that he and Glinda can live together happily like how they were supposed to in the beginning.

In the end of the episode: West (Ana Ularu) feeling she has let down everyone, including her mother, then chooses to use her magic to slit her wrists in hopes what her mother told her so many years ago is true. Magic will heal all wounds if you give it a reason to, so West lies on the ground wrists slit, bleeding out, but just before she could feel the hands of death Tip comes standing over her revealing it worked and she remembers everything.

Next Episode: Emerald City (S01E09):”The Villain That’s Become” airs Friday, February 24, 2017at 9 p.m. on NBC