The Goldbergs (S04E14) “The Spencer’s Gift”

Review: Erica and Barry get jobs at Spencer Gifts so they can buy a yellow boom box. Adam wants to get a job too when Mr. Glasscott, the guidance counselor tells him that there’s no way he will ever become a director in Hollywood. However, Beverly rather wants Adam to stay home and make home movies but he is determined to go out and earn some money.

Meanwhile, Erica and Barry have their first day at Spencer’s and Erica warns the store manager Leon about Barry. Barry overhears her and is determined to become a better employee than Erica. He turns out to actually be a very good at his job and helps out customers surprisingly well. He’s doing so such a good job that Leon makes him assistant manager after just one day, which includes bossing Erica around and locking up the store after it closes. Erica is jealous of her brother and ruins his reputation by taking over some of his duties, while Barry leaves the store to meet Chuck Norris. Leon finds out and fires Barry, who gets mad at Erica for being jealous.

Things aren’t going much better for Adam. He has problems at his new job changing quarters at the arcade when Johnny Atkins and Carla come by to claim quarters from him. When more and more people come by because they heard Adam is giving out free money, Adam gets fired. Beverly is happy to hear this because her dreams of Adam taking her to the Academy Awards can still come true. Adam of course doesn’t want to take her, but when she agrees to pay him the money he owes the store, he says he’ll think about it. Murray however takes the money away from Adam because he has to understand what it’s like to really earn money and solve your own problems. Adam tries getting back his money from Johnny and Carla, but instead he comes up with a better idea: he makes a commercial for the arcade and gets his job back.

Erica also finds a way to make it up to Barry. She’s sorry for what she did and gives Barry a stethoscope, for when he becomes a doctor. “Watching you at that job made me see that when you’re passionate about something, you can do anything. So you’re gonna be a doctor, alright…and a damn good one.”

Looking at how things turned out for the real Goldbergs, this was a very interesting episode. A couple of weeks ago we already saw a home video dedicated to the real Barry, who became a doctor and of course ever since the show started Adam has had an interest in film making. I really loved how this episode was about these dreams and that it mirrored their real lives, probably more than with any other episode of the show so far.

Besides that, the episode had two really funny storylines. They both had some great moments, from Adam’s meeting with Mr. Glasscott to the conversation about bottled farts with Leon, it was all pretty hilarious. Not only that, it once again had the perfect balance between funny and heartwarming and I loved how both storylines ended.

A great episode of a great show, which hopefully will receive some recognition in the future so that the real Adam can take the real Bev to an award ceremony someday…

Rating: 9.5/10

The real Bev, everybody: