The Great Indoors (S01E13) “DTR”



Commitment phobia, thruples and penis tracing are all accounted for in this episode.

Jack (Joel McHale) has decided to try to dive back into the dating pool, hoping to find the right woman who doesn’t want something serious so when date 3 arrived and Rachel (Maggie Lawson) asks where Jack sees the relationship going he runs like a scared little puppy, with his tail tucked between his legs. Eddie (Chris Williams) always seems to be close by with sound advice and the harsh reality that Jack is getting old.

Fresh on the rebound he runs into Kaylie (Caitlin McGee), a millennial with a flair for life. It’s too tempting to pass up, one night of partying and sexual exploits brings him into a very awkward situation. Kaylie is actually one of Mason’s (Shaun Brown).The whole gang have seen Jack in his underwear now, so nothing is sacred now.

At the office Jack is met with ridicule and “old man” jabs. This doesn’t discourage him though, it makes him want to pursue her more. He enlists the help of Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), who become’s Jack’s translator to the millennial world, which is more complex than Jack had originally thought. He’s trying his best to keep up with her lifestyle, but he finally admits that maybe he isn’t as young as he used to be.

Even though it may only be a phase, Jack is bothered when he finds out that Kaylie is seeing other people besides him. A whole bunch of people actually, as Jack unfortunately finds out at her half birthday party at Eddie’s. Instead of rolling with the whole situation, he has a striking revelation, he doesn’t want to fool around with more than one person, he just want’s one. And in the most dramatic fashion he let’s it be known to the whole bar, whether they wanted to hear it or not.

18 hours later Jack wakes up to his new world, not only has he come to terms with what he really wants he is also decorated with sharpie graffiti, thanks to Roland (Stephen Fry) and Eddie. Ah, friendship is a beautiful thing.

Jack finally admits that commitment may not be the worst thing in the world, he reaches out to Rachel and date number 4 is on. Not only does her personality mesh well with his, but they go at the same pace, it’s a great match and it will be interesting to see the relationship blossom between the two of them. Jack is finally growing up!

Rating: 6.5/10

The Great Indoors airs on CBS, Thursdays at 7:30/8:30c