Arrow: (S05E13) “Spectre of the Gun”

Review: I honestly think that Arrow should have started with the 12th and 13th episode, because they were so much better than the rest of the season.

After ALL THIS TIME, the Team Arrow is finally a good team! I really like this new possible friendship between Dinah and Diggle. I like the fact that the show is exploring new connections and giving us more information on the new characters. Quite frankly, at first it felt like we wouldn’t get a chance to get to know anyone. In this episode, we found out more about Rene’s past, which was a really interesting storyline.

Once again, the Team Arrow has been fighting with a single villain. There’s no sign of the main villain Prometheus. I’m glad, because I can’t say he is too exciting, but at the same time, it’s a bit weird. The showrunners tried so hard to make the season all about Prometheus and he was popping left and right in the first half of the season, but now, he is simply forgotten. It makes the season look less connected, which is truly disappointing. Yeah, this second half of the season seems like it’s going to be way better than the first one was, but they should still be connected.

Anyway … The villain, James Edlund shot up the mayor’s office, because of his own personal vengeance. It turned out his family was killed in a shooting and he wanted to do something about the gun laws. All in all, it was a political episode (and definitely more political than we’re used to), but it wasn’t boring at all. Rene’s storyline has flown through nicely with the present and it all made sense.

And that’s actually all that happened … There wasn’t much drama going on, we know nothing more about Susan than we did before, or about Prometheus or about … Anything, quite frankly … That’s the one thing that is missing. But … I would say this was a thrilling episode nonetheless. Not perfect! But thrilling.