Sleepy Hollow (S04E07) “Loco Parentis”

We open in a graveyard, at night…I LOVE cemeteries, and I wouldn’t go at night. A young woman is attacked by a suspiciously wolf-like critter.

graveyard attackpng1 - Sleepy Hollow (S04E07) "Loco Parentis"

Crane (Thomas Mison) is at a store listing the plethora of toys available, “putty that is silly,” and notes that in his time, they only had a stick and wooden hoop and rue the day when the stick broke. Diana (Janina Gavankar) agrees that buying toys for 11-year-olds is difficult, especially one like Molly. Diana asks if she couldn’t act in Molly’s stead as Witness, but Crane advises her that there’s a reason for there only being two. They discuss Molly’s birthday party and who will attend and Crane notes that Jenny is still rooting through the rubble in Sleepy Hollow. He notes that evil pops back up when you’re most likely to think it was stamped out.

Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) is unburying Franklin’s lantern (likely the REAL reason she is still in Sleepy Hollow). She notices a crack in the lamp and has to hot foot it back to the vault. She lays out the runes, ciphers and salt to trap and hold the demon, Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes). Jenny completes the spell just in time.

Charmingly, Crane goes into the Thomas home to hide Molly’s presents. Although busted by Molly (Oona Yaffe), she gives him an out, and asks him for help in history. Crane is utterly wrapped up in telling Molly about the wonder that was the colonies, when she asks about what it means to be a Witness. This is ranked right up with “where do babies come from” in awkwardness. Crane acknowledges how important those questions are, but tells Molly it’s best if they have that conversation when her mother is there. When the doorbell rings, Crane answers and, the man who is standing there says he’s an old friend.

Thomas is at the murder scene and the dead young lady’s chest cavity is ossified. The agents discuss that this can’t be normal, so Thomas calls Crane. Crane advises her she needs to come home. When she arrives, Molly is on a hoverboard, and this was provided by the visitor, who, it turns out, is Molly’s father. Diana discusses how long it’s been since Molly saw her dad. He says it’s hard to just pop over from Afghanistan where he was deployed. (Note – it stands out that the dad has long hair and a beard. VERY un-military, especially for a Marine). It appears that he may be trying to rekindle the relationship.

Jenny and Jobe are sparring, verbally and physically. Jobe’s reaction is lightning quick AND he heals. Jobe can tell that Jenny has had a previous (close encounter) with a demon and he tries to shake her. She knows he is trying to get her to make a mistake. Jobe lets Jenny know that Malcolm is still alive. That surprises her. It might be a mistake to let Jenny know that he’s still alive.

jobe catches the bladepng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E07) "Loco Parentis"

On the way to the Medical Examiner’s office, Crane and Diana speak about her relationship with her ex-husband, Mitch (Bill Heck), and why they aren’t together. Crane lets her know that he feels that it was bad that his son was deprived of his father’s presence. They call Jenny and conclude there is more than one victim, stretching from Sleepy Hollow to DC, and from the time they thought they killed Dreyfuss. Therefore, they conclude the entity IS Dreyfuss. Crane takes on the task of identifying the shape of the beast. Diana goes to a coffee date with Mitch.

Jenny presses Jobe to provide information. Jobe asks why he should help Jenny and she notes that eventually she’ll find his weakness and destroy him. Helping her might alter that. Jobe tries to locate Dreyfuss and can’t because of the wards. Jenny muses about how Jobe is bound to Dreyfuss and concludes that he must “like” him. Jobe goes wild and says he’ll roast her in hellfire.

jenny pushes jobepng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E07) "Loco Parentis"

Diana and Mitch are sharing a cup of coffee and Mitch says he realizes that he misses having the family involvement. Diana and Mitch come within inches of kissing, when she gets a call and has to depart. Coming back to the archive, Crane said that he had been researching, but Diana interrupts and says they’ve found a different body which was killed before Dreyfuss, so the monster can’t be Dreyfuss. The body came from Plymouth and Crane remembers a story involving Governor Bradford and a monster (a Barghest) which was brought from the old country, connected to the Red Riding Hood Wolf fable. In the story, the monster assumed Bradford’s appearance. Diana realizes that the monster assumes familiar, safe forms. She realizes that Mitch’s deployment wasn’t supposed to be complete yet. She verifies that Mitch is still in Afghanistan, and Molly is picked up by the imposter.

They arrive at the house, with the police, and Crane reassures Diana that likely nothing would happen with Molly, because she’s not 11-years-old yet. (They figure out that Mercy Bradford was likely one of the Witnesses at that time). Molly becomes suspicious of “Dad” and quizzes him. She knows it’s not him. Thinking quickly, she makes “Dad” stop. Crane believes that the creature found Molly because she was drawing sigils. Crane discusses the issue with Jenny, and Jobe overhears. Jobe says if they release him, he’ll find the creature. In the meantime, Molly escapes. The monster, apparently hungry and angry, starts to go wild (becoming the Barghest, played by Alexander Ward).

Jenny agrees to the deal with Jobe, and gets a map with Molly’s location. Jobe, back in his perfect suit, disappears. Crane, armed with bow and feldspar arrows goes out into the woods where Molly has run, and Mitch/Wolf has pursued. She drops her jacket and the wolf smells it, going wild. This time he appears to be trapped in his form. Molly has found a cave, where she has hidden from him. Diana and Crane hear Molly’s screams, locate them and shoot the monster with the arrows, which kills it. Molly hugs Crane – she’s really bonded to him.


At Molly’s party, Crane is amusing other guests. Molly is pretty down. Diana tells Molly that it was for sure a monster and not Dad. Molly feels guilty about bringing the monster, but Diana tells her it wasn’t her fault, and that she should have answered Molly’s questions. Crane finds them in their little fort and reassures Molly that they are special and that they are a pair, and she’s not alone. Jenny arrives in time for cake and let’s Crane know Dreyfuss is not dead and Jobe is missing.

Dreyfuss shows up at a board meeting. He tells everyone they are basically…fired. Jobe arrives and asks where Malcolm’s been. Dreyfuss says he’s changed. And, yes he has. He also wants to change the world. Probably not in a good way.

Grade: B+

Positives in this episode were that Molly and Crane become ever more close, and Diana realizes that she really can’t assume the Witness responsibility. The interaction between Jobe and Jenny was terrific, I suspect more to come. We learned that Dreyfuss had Jobe drawn and quartered, so at some point, there is going to be ‘hell’ to pay. Dreyfuss’ transition to whatever he is now was pretty cool. Never trust people with absolutely black eyes. I loved the hellfire scene between Jobe and Jenny, as well as Jobe’s conversion back to his normal human form. And, frankly undressed Jobe was pretty good looking. There were a couple of negatives, which is why this episode didn’t get an A. It was sloppy to have Diana’s ex look so not-military, when he was supposed to have basically just finished a tour of duty, especially since he was supposed to be a Marine. I thought there were a few sound issues, which seem to be connected to Thomas Mison having a cold. But, at least they tried to minimize that impact. Another concern I have is the amount of time that Molly spends at home alone considering that she is 10-years-old. It’s oddly juxtaposed with “arrangements” for pick-ups, etc. This is not intended to disparage working parents, and Molly is mature. Still, it sticks out and that’s a bit disruptive to viewing. On the whole, those are fairly minor issues. I can’t wait to see what Malcolm and Jobe come up with. Is Malcolm Dreyfuss immortal?

Next Airing: “Sick Burn” on Friday, February 24, 2017 at 9 p.m. on Fox