Family Guy: (S15E13) “The Finer Strings”

At James Woods High talent show, The Griffin’s and Lois’ dad, Carter Pewterschmidt, are in attendance.  Carter has eye problems; cataracts.  He thinks everybody is Jessica Chastain. Nearly blind, he declares he’s ‘okay” till his surgery and heads to the bathroom, unassisted. I don’t know what door he opened, yet he ends up on stage and interrupts the football team’s act when he pees on a player. He thinks he’s in the toilet…as is much of this episode, sad to say

Meanwhile, during the performances, Peter falls in love with the violin after watching a little girl play it. Easily influenced and with a “can do” attitude, the next day, he encourages the guys to form a string quartet.

After Carter has his surgery, he’ll need assistance while he recovers. This shouldn’t be a problem, he’s rich, right?!  Yet Lois recruits Brian as her daddy’s service dog, much to Brian’s chagrin. However, he begins to enjoy his life of luxury, although Pewter is the 1 % he loathes.  As his very personal assistant, he accompanies Carter everywhere & powders his genitals, when needed. “Feel the tingle!” He becomes so spoiled, he no longer has an appetite for Sloppy Joes; after Carter heals and fires him. So Brian tries to blind Carter again, with a spray of Flint Michigan water.  Yet he realizes the 99% can also have greed and he was wrong; so with apology, they make up… after Stewie pulls a lever to move the story along. Thank you!

Later, the strings get their first gig at a wedding and Peter has to practice in the extreme because of his inability to keep up.  In private practice, he’s tortured  by Mr Wahsee-Wahsee and makes the grade. He gives a stellar performance with the group and in a solo. Yet smashing his instrument afterwards he quits; declaring “never again” He  & the guys become, “the wedding crashers; complete with their obnoxiousness while destroying, drinking and jamming to “Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, “Oh What a Night”…  And that it was! (whew!)


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