Timeless (S01E16) “The Red Scare” Season Finale

Holy mother of god!!! WOW! WOW! WOW!

Talk about a show that really does need to come back. Last night’s season finale of Timeless was nothing but astonishing. Here’s a recap with spoilers….

The episode picks as Lucy and Wyatt make it back to the present day with an injured Rufus. Lucy calls for the one person that can help them, Noah. Soon, with the NSA and Rittenhouse on their tails, Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus and Jiya get in the lifeboat and jump to 1954 leaving Agent Christopher to handle with the goons.

In 1954 that’s when the next Rittenhouse meeting would take place, so Flynn meets and blackmails Joseph McCarthy on where Rittenhouse meeting would be taken place. After he gets the information, Flynn tells him some information about two Russian spies that happen to be Lucy and Wyatt.

As Wyatt and Lucy try to get in the Capital, they get caught and taken in. Lucy meets with Flynn and he tells her that he’ll be taken everyone out, including her grandfather as a fair warning to her because who knows what would happen after. Meanwhile, Wyatt has a nice chat with McCarthy and of course, he doesn’t say anything but leaves a nice present (knocking out both guards and McCarthy out).

Lucy and Wyatt escape but now tries to find her grandfather, who happens to be at a gay night club. They meet with him and asked for his help to get to the Rittenhouse meeting, there they sneak in the back way and meet with Flynn. Wyatt was about to take a shot at him but Lucy makes the bold move and talks to Flynn of a deal.

Back at the lifeboat, Rufus and Jiya have a nice moment scenes but things get dicey when her eye gets red and starts to have seizures. This could be the effect from traveling in fours. But Lucy and Wyatt come back wit Flynn and Lucy’s grandfather and they show him the lifeboat and that she’s her granddaughter.

Lucy gets Wyatt, Rufus and Jiya back in the lifeboat and back to present time as she’ll comeback with Flynn on the other one. Who knows what would be happening here, but Lucy tells her grandfather to do a double life as to be apart of Rittenhouse and keep secret records til she gets back to the present time for which he did, a ton of it.

Agent Christopher and Mason work together again as he was playing Rittenhouse like a fiddle and got into the top secret files that no one else in the world knows about. They both meet with Lucy and Wyatt and use those records and charged the people of Rittenhouse with many, many counts.

Lucy meets with Flynn and gives him the information about who killed his family. But before things were going so well, Agent Christopher and her team come in and arrested Flynn. I really thought that he was going to get want he really wanted and be done with it. I guess not.

We all thought that it was going to be over. Christopher tells Lucy and Wyatt that after all of this there’s one more mission to get her sister back. After a very lovely moment with Wyatt and word that the lifeboat won’t be ready for three hours, that gave her some time to tell her mother about what she’s going to do and why. But with a twist unlike any other, after she tells her mom what she was going to do, she tells her she knows that Rittenhouse wouldn’t let her die at all because she is part of Rittenhouse as she and her father met or arranged to be together as they’re like royalty.

But also, the lifeboat is taken away once again but this time, it was by someone who knew it by heart, Emma. Emma takes the lifeboat and here’s where we’ll go for Season Two if the network picks up the series.

I literally loved this episode. I was flabbergasted on how it ended that it took me a while to process what had happen. The writing was excellent. Everyone from Spencer, Lanter, Goran and even Paterson Joseph was outstanding. Loved the warm moments like Lucy and Wyatt near the end and Rufus and Jiya both in 1954 and in the present time. Should we be worried about her later on after she seemed to have one of those spells that could have taken the Golden State bridge away? I do want a season two and along with everyone, who’s seen the show and last night’s episode we’re all dying to see what happens next. Come on NBC, I’m sure there’s a spot for Timeless for next season. I’m sure it depends on how many episodes. Come on NBC!! Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

What did you think of the season finale? What did you think of the whole season? Leave a comment.

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