Chicago Fire (S05E14): “Purgatory”

I loved this episode of Chicago Fire. Sending Firehouse 51 across the city to a plethora of different jobs and firehouses gave both the characters and viewers a strong reminder about why we love 51.

The majority of the episode focused on the characters’ development in their new work environments, rather than the actually emergencies.

I loved seeing Stella stand up for the young female candidate, and it was especially gratifying to see the girl commit to staying in the job, despite their frustrating captain.

We got to see a sweet, funny side of Dawson for a few minutes in “Purgatory.” When hiding from her partner, I was reminded of her sense of humor, something often not seen recently because of her troubled past.

When the fire was put out at the hotel scene, I was moved to tears watching Boden address his squad – though not currently under his order. It was just so simple and moving. And the fact that Boden rescues a man who can then get his firehouse back to order was perfect.

Overall Rating: A