The Flash (S03E13) “Attack On Gorilla City”

This episode was definitely worth the wait, I gotta say its always amazing hearing the voice over work of Keith David. This would be I believe the 3rd animal he’s voiced in his career as a voice over actor. I truly loved this episode even though we had to wait 2 weeks for it but still it was worth the wait. And I gotta say Carlos Valdes did a totally spot on impersonation of Keith David, I loved that.

In this episode: We start off two weeks ago on Earth-2 revealing Harry (Tom Cavanagh) running away from Grodd (David Sobolov) in the forest outside of Gorilla City. Grodd snatches Harry and takes him to Gorilla City. In present time on Earth-1 Jessie (Violett Beane) tells Team Flash its been two weeks since shes heard anything about his whereabouts. Barry/Flash (Grant Gustin) assures Jessie they will save her father. Barry then assembles the team who will go to Gorilla City to save Harry. While they are all preparing to jump through the breech Jullian (Tom Felton) feels he wants to have the opportunity in a life time to be able to go to another world which he first was calling by Barry’s description ‘Planet of the Apes’ which is a funny movie franchise reference.

When the team makes the jump to Earth-2, they land in the forest of Africa just outside of Gorilla City. The team is then captured and wake up in cages underneath an arena in Gorilla City. Barry tries talking to Harry but reveals Grodd is using Harry’s body to speak to the team revealing Grodd needs The Flash’s help to defeat the gorilla that is king of the city and is ruler of all gorilla’s on Earth-2 and Grodd doesn’t like it. Grodd demands Flash kills Solovar (Keith David) and if that happens they will prevent war to come to Central City on Earth-1. Solovar then comes to see the prisoners in the cages revealing more humans which Solovar is very upset Grodd didn’t tell him sooner. Solovar vows he will kill the Flash and none of the team will make it out alive.

Barry makes a deal with Solovar, only he fights him and if Barry wins Solovar lets the team go and they vow to never return. But if Solovar wins he kills everybody; Barry and Solovar then have their fight. Solovar almost winning the fight Barry then chooses to speed around the arena preparing to do the lightning throw but Solovar interrupts the speed by blinding Barry with a blast of dirt. Barry then gives Solovar a light vibrate punch to the gut knocking out Solovar. Barry makes a big speech convincing the gorillas theres another way other than murder, its called mercy.

Grodd then refuses to let the team go, now that hes king of Gorilla City he reveals his true plan to Barry and company. Barry then tells Grodd everything will not happen and he will lose. When Cisco (Carlos Valdes) believes theres no hope he asks Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) to kill him with her cold powers. But Julian doesn’t want that to happen so convinces Caitlin to not do it. The team then comes up with a plan for Barry to play dead; when Grodd comes to see if hes okay he puts Barry’s body in a pile of human bones. Barry then regains consciousness he lets everybody out of the cages and speeds them out of Gorilla City. Cisco then opens a breech and everyone goes back home to Earth-1.

Jessie then asks Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) if she chooses to tell her dad Harry (Tom Cavanagh) about staying on Earth-1. H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) then congratulates the two on the grown up decision but then looks at Harry whose unconscious and says “hes gonna be pissed.”

In the end of the episode: Grodd has his army ready for a breech to Earth-1 for the attack on Central City with Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) under his control.

Next episode: The Flash(S03E14):”Attack On Central City” airs Tuesday February 28, 2017