Bull: (S01E15) “What’s your number?”

During a tour of a building, a ski-bridge starts to buckle and with pieces flying everywhere, it breaks away; killing 15 people.  Andrew Withrow (Toby Leonard Moore), a successful developer and owner of the building is charged with manslaughter.

 For the prosecution, Bull comes in after the jury selection and the benefit of TAC. He reunites with Diana Lindsey (Jill Flint) who is on defense. She’s his tease and the only person who caught him with his pants down, literally  (S01E04, The Callisto Episode) and handed him his first loss…kinda. Andrew did his research and he’s using her to throw Bull off his game, among other distractions. For example: The TAC building is owned by Withrow and the power goes out, during opening arguments. TAC is down, coincidence?  This forces Bull to work from his sparsely filled home. He takes the team. It looks like a big, near empty…beginner’s pad. 

Later, at their first face to face, Bull determines the dismissive Andrew is a sociopath. He lacks the capacity to feel for the victims and he doesn’t have “a tell” something we do that reflects a truth, like Pinocchio’s nose. Bull has his number.   

Meanwhile, Danny, approaches “the goat” Sean Laheri (Samrat Chakrabasti) At first, he won’t testify; trusting Withrow will take care of him.  He had advised Withrow of the problems and flaws in the supports, before the bridge collapsed. After the incident, he was paid a $250k to be silent. Now he can’t sleep. So he agrees, forcing Withrow to take a plea.  He’s not happy and taunts Bull with “this is not over!”  Later Laheri is found dead; his death made to look like suicide. 

This was a very different episode tonight. The enemy is clear & made known early. He’s mean & he’s a killer. Bull has found someone he genuinely doesn’t like.  Withrow is someone who wants to win as badly as he does and by any means. But he moves for self, without a conscious  and a sense of “right thing” for one and all.  It was good. The white hat and black hat is clear.

On a lighter side, Bull kissed a girl. He liked it!

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