HTGAWWM (S03E13): “It’s War” 

Review: As we prepare for the two-hour season finale, let’s take a step back and think about how we got here and where we go next. The main question since the mid-season finale has been, who killed Wes? Sweet Wes, the heart of the show. Was it Nate, who was at the Keating residence when Wes showed up? Or Frank, who already admitted to it?

Annalise is on a mission to find out. When Nate calls her, she meets up with him in his car, where he tells her about the papers to transfer Wes’s body, that he never actually signed. When Nate sees the bruise on Annalise’s face from her stint in jail, he shares his suspicions about Atwood setting them both up. He reveals that he saw Wes on the night of the fire. During their conversation, Wes told Nate how much Annalise had done for him and that she’s not who everyone thinks she is. In the present day, Nate feels guilty for leaving Wes at the house. Annalise promises she’ll fix everything.

With Annalise out of jail, she’s free to start scheming and saving Nate in the process! She asks the K4 for help, but they’re unresponsive and unwilling to do anymore on her behalf than they’ve already done. Even though without them, Annalise’s husband would still be alive.

Out of the K4, Laurel is the hardest on Annalise. Not wanting to listen to anything Annalise says, Laurel hires a private investigator to look into the Mahoneys. The PI finds out that the Mahoneys had a DNA test done right before Wes’s murder and found out who Wes really was. For Laurel, this is enough motive and she’s determined to seek justice for Wes. But Annalise knows better, having lost her own child because of that family.

Not even this reveal is enough for the K4 to warm up to Annalise again. Like with every decent murder mystery, there comes a time, where the close group of friends starts turning on each other. This week, it happens when Asher starts suspecting Connor of being the anonymous source who went to the police. And, though Michaela is hesitant to go against her best friend, she ends up sharing Asher’s suspicions with the group.

Through all this, Bonnie is scheming just like Annalise. After Annalise files a complaint with the attorney general about Atwood’s behavior, it gets dismissed. Bonnie then enlists Oliver to leak an article about Wes and then enlists Frank, who’s still in jail and without legal representation. In front of the judge, Frank asks for all of Atwood’s communication on the day Wes’s body was transferred. His request is granted. DA Denver suspends Atwood, who then admits to having Wes’s body moved, which puts Nate in the clear.

Also in the midst of all this, Annalise’s wannabe bff President Hargrove tries to approach her again. To my disappointment, Annalise discovers that all her chumminess these last few months were not because of a crush, but due to ADA Atwood. Apparently, Atwood convinced Hargrove to get close to Annalise in exchange for getting her kids back in her life. Though understandable that she’d do anything to get them back, it’s still a pretty rotten thing to do.

In the end, Annalise visits Laurel and informs her that they’ve found Wes’s body. Unfortunately, Wes was cremated. Which is very suspicious, as now Annalise can’t prove her innocence. But to Laurel, this means Atwood is possibly working with the Mahoneys. Annalise doesn’t want to jump to such conclusions, but Laurel is already convinced of this. But, right now, her real problem is with Annalise, who she mistakenly assumes doesn’t care about Wes. Annalise says she’s still in shock, but Laurel’s had enough. She needs Annalise to take action.  

Asher ends up being partially right: Connor is hiding something. Whether he’s the anonymous source remains up in the air, but Oliver discovers something else. Oliver sorts through the data he wiped clean from Annalise’s phones and stumbles upon a clue about Connor’s whereabouts on the night of the fire. After Connor received the same call from Annalise as Laurel and Wes on the night of the fire, Connor did in fact go to her house after sleeping with Thomas. And not just that- a flashback shows us that he ended up trying to resuscitate Wes!

Is Connor the one who – accidentally –  killed Wes? Was it Nate before Connor arrived? Meggy? Frank? The Mahoneys? Find out tonight on the two-hour season finale!