Imposters (S01E03) “We Wanted Every Lie”

To keep up a lie is a difficult task. Most lies are based on true facts that are managed to the point they aren’t true no more. But still, a trail of lies can lead somewhere. That somewhere is like following the yellow brick road.

But sometimes it’s better to stop the search and go to a shrink. At least that’s what Jules, the new addition to the we-can’t-get-over-her team, did. Heartbreaks can really mess you up. They have this huge power to change you; especially if you’ve been conned by a girl named Cee Cee, and ultimately discover that Cee Cee had two husbands (and counting). At least we now know that Ava, Safron, Alice or Maddie (may I remind you this is the same person) cons without gender discrimination.

So, the opportunity to see where the crumbs lead is one that Jules just can’t pass. Even if at first she isn’t welcome by Ezra and SpongeBob Square Jaw (as she brilliantly called Richard). Because let’s face it, three heads think better than two just not three that had been fooled and probably will be fooled again. Now Jules has to proof to the guys she is an asset the only way she can: getting easy money fast. And, she did it car crash fast.

It’s important we get something straight: when Maddie goes she takes everything with her. Jules even had to schedule regular visits to a psychiatrist just to keep the apartment after her parents cut her off. Totally the opposite of what Ezra did by cutting off his family.

On the other hand, Safron is doing her thing working the Banker. But Patrick, the dude from the coffee shop, may be an issue she’s not ready to handle. It appears that he has become a distraction, one that could turn into love. Made me wonder if anything that she tells him is actually true. I’m sure Max is worried it might be. You see, the conning of the Banker was a request from the Doctor, their boss. And the Doctor receives various updates of a two million dollars scammed the Banker’s been involved. Or has he quite well put it: “the launder has been stealing the laundry”. Sally even unloads stacks of money from under the Bankers wooden floor (because we all have money under the floors). But Maddie’s going off track has put a target on her head by the Doctor.

Nor Jules, Richard or Ezra know anything about this. They’ve spent time together trying to find something in common with the lies they’ve been fed. And a story she told plus the phrase “never backwards always forward” she used to comfort them is what they all have in common (besides been in love with the same woman). So like that, and thanks to Google, they set their way to a new location wondering if this yellow brick road is the right one.


Quotes from the episode:

“I’m closing him tomorrow night”
“Did you give her HPV?”
“-Let’s find this bitch.
-Don’t call her that”
“She can talk about shellfish I can’t talk about sex?”
“Ever thought about killing her?”