Supernatural (S12E13) “Family Feud”

Hello all! An welcome back for another review on another amazing episode! Sorry for the late posting, episode 14 & 15 will posted at the same time as this review. I was unwell & not able to type but I’m okay now. So, on to the review!

Cas still has no leads on Lucifer’s baby, Sam and Dean got a case and think it’s a witch, and Mamma Winchester is hunting. Not with hunting pals but the Men of British Douche Letters, plus she lied to Dean on the phone. Mamma Winchester doesn’t know that Dean doesn’t take lying a lot lightly. She’ll learn the hard way.

It’s then revealed that Crowley averted the spell of Lucy in the cabin. Instead of putting him back in the cage, he’s in chains in his old but improved body. I actually liked his old vessel better anyways, it really did suit his personality. An I do find it clever that Crowley wasted no time to figure out how to convert the spell of the cage into a chains concept, what a smart demon he is. He deserves a blazing hot cookie!

Now the case that the boys are working on so far has two deaths already after they’ve visited a museum. One died in her room, in her bed, after hanging up the dress. The 2nd victim was a boy scout leader, in the restroom (he should’ve ran instead of holding his hands up like awkward). So the boys hop on this case and easily rule out the witch maybe behind it, for a ghost.

It’s a museum with a ton of ancient artifacts, of course there’s going to be a high level of spiritual energy. But one thing does stand out to them, a piece of a ship that a certain someone was supposed to get on and die! Gavin, good old freaking Gavin. Crowley’s sweet, kind, innocent son that was pretty much thrown into the 21 Century. Dean calls Crowley for a tad assistance on summoning his son but Crowley is in no mood to hear of favors. He’s not happy that the boys let Lucy’s child live; Lucy told Crowley that he can still here his unborn child’s heart beating and how proud he is to soon bring life into the world.

Plan A is ruled out so they call on Plan B. The lovely but witchie Rowina, they do tell her that there is something in it for her. Like mother, like son, they both always want payment. Gavin is then brought about through bus, being lead on a lie that his father is unwell. I find it surprising that Gavin still cares for Crowley, even after finding out that he’s a demon. An now finding out that his grandmother is a witch, that is still alive.

They question Gavin about the passengers and how they were. To find it surprising, all seems like rainbow & sunshine with everyone. But after flipping through a book of all the things found from the wreckage, Gavin notices that his lover’s locket was found. An that it’s not in the display case either, looks like Gavin’s vengeful lover is on to the next victim.

Lucy’s child is still on the move and still trying to stay off the grid. Yet that becomes a tad difficult when two angels chase her into an alley and try to kill her. Luckily she’s saved by a demon, not just any demon of course, but one of Lucy’s Generals. Now this General, if you all don’t remember is the female demon that was mentioned during the time the boys fought the 1st General from Hell. (As you can tell I forgot there names.) Right off the bat it should catch on to all of us that she’s sweet talking the carrier on how that child isn’t born good or evil but it all depends on how you raise it. That is true for NORMAL children aka HUMAN children, this is Lucy’s child. That child will be a tad bad, plus it’s a boy. When I found out it was a boy you don’t get how excited I excited was! I had The OMEN movie vibes flowing me! Please name him Damien!

Back on the case at hand, the necklace has now moved onto a teacher that visited the museum and she works at an all girls school. That woman didn’t last 10 seconds, she died quick! But I give the other teacher props for trying to barricade the door and somewhatly hide. Although it was useless, but the boys saved her and told Gavin that they have to summon her to try an end this. Gavin was able to summon his lost lover before him, but the news of why she was hurting people was devastating to Gavin. The people on the ship treated her terribly and even there trusted teacher was the one to make things even worse then need .

The boys tell Gavin that there is a way to end this, Gavin has to go back to his time. The downfall of is, is that he will die. Gavin is quite accepting of these terms for he knows if he was “there” none of this would’ve happened. At first Rowina is against it (he’s her only grandchild) but changes her mind and sides with Gavin. Blame Crowley for showing up & trying to take Gavin away again. But there’s no helping it, it’s his decision. For Dean & Sam this was basically an easy job physically (for the most part) but emotionally no. Sam drew the ruin to send him and his lover back, Gavin activated it, and his love and him descended on to the after life together. I really found this moment to be quite romantic but sad all at the same time.

Right after Gavin & his love left Sam found no trace what so ever of any ghost killings or anyone being dead at all. All was back to the way it should be, like nothing literally ever happened. They must wish they had a job like that every week. But guess who shows up, Mamma Winchester with burgers and beer. It’s either to celebrate or give some good or possibly bad news. Mamma Winchester wastes no time telling the boys that she’s been working with the British Men of Letters. That bunker got so damn quiet I thought Dean was about to grab the gun & knife an go on a killing spree. But instead the boys were silently pissed off and wanted to know what the hell was she thinking! They almost tried to kill Sam and Dean! At this point it goes back and forth with Dean, Sam, and Mamma Winchester talking & Rowina basically telling Crowley she’s glad he’s suffering. Although she lost a grandson, Crowley lost a son, to her there even. Because she killed the love of her life the one she loved way ore then Crowley.

I can already tell that, that talk with the Winchester family isn’t going to go well at all. Especially not dealing with Dean.