Arrow: (S05E14) “The Sin-Eater”

Review: The show almost went back in time by bringing back the villains from Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) past: Cupid (Amy Gumenick), Liza Warner (Rutina Wesley) and Chien Na Wei AKA China White (Kelly Hu). I always thought China was badass and as crazy as that might sound, I always liked the storyline of the Triads. However … I get bored when they bring back villains from the previous seasons, no matter how badass they were. I liked the fact that this was another episode where Team Arrow fought individual villains, instead of just trying to solve the problem of Prometheus … But! They should have just created new, badass villains.

Meanwhile, the police was hunting Arrow down for the murder of their former detective, but that issue got solved pretty quickly. The issue where Susan Williams (Carly Pope) knows everything about Oliver, on the other hand? Not solved at all! Thea (Willa Holand) messed with the situation and got Susan fired in order to keep the secret. Too bad … Susan and Oliver were a cool couple, but is anybody surprised they couldn’t last? I’m going to guess we aren’t.

The Bratva throwbacks were back, but they were quite slow this time, since nothing interesting happened. Oliver was helping Anatoly (David Nykl) out, but we already know both of them get out of this alive. It’s actually almost a shame … They’d build more suspense to the throwbacks if we didn’t know Anatoly is alive in the present time. I know the throwbacks aren’t the main line of the show, but it’s a thought.

Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) is on her way to becoming the new Black Canary and it seems like the show FINALLY stopped crying over Laurel (Katie Cassidy), so that’s good! I think the Team Arrow is actually really strong now, I like it a lot.

In the end, the story about Oliver covering the detective’s death comes out, which means he will probably get fired in the next episodes if he doesn’t find a quick sollution … Let’s see what happens there.

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