Chicago PD (S04E15): “Favor, Affection, Malice, Or Ill-Will”

I really enjoyed this episode of Chicago PD. It felt fresh and exciting, but also it had a simplistic quality to it which can be nice for this kind of high action TV series.

Ruzek is back on screen, but his transition back is certainly not as smooth as he anticipated. I enjoyed this small upset for Ruzek, it made the episode more interesting. I am excited to have him back in Intelligence soon, with the departure of his replacement, but it is nice to see individuals work for what they want and come to terms with the consequences of rash decisions they make.

Okay, can we talk about that GMC moment for a second? Clearly, that was some big promotion, but, with all that aside, that tiny scene between Halstead and Lindsay was adorable. Actress Sophia Bush does an excellent job at portraying Erin’s emotions, and her expressions in this scene were adorable. It just made me love this couple even more. Too bad we didn’t actually get to see Halstead driving.

The Chicago franchise is clearly gearing up for it’s new addition, Chicago Justice, which will be introduced next week in a “historic” One Chicago television event. This episode involved the justice system more heavily than typical episodes. I thought it was done beautifully and offered a fresh, non-Intelligence (and non-white) perspective to the episode’s solicited murder case.

Episode Ranking: A