Get Out (2017)

So for all in hopes that this is one of those stupid horror movies that have been brought out for the last years and I mean stupid and horrible! Have no fear, Jordan Peele has delivered the classic style of horror back to us horror fans. Now you all are probably asking yourselves, what does classic horror classify as? Well I’m talking about movies like Hitchcock’s movie Psycho (1960) or even the terror you felt when first watching Hitchcock’s movie The Birds (1963). You know movies like that. But have no fear comedy fans because this movie also delivers a whole lot of comedy that would be used if there was a movie with Peele and Key in it. And with this being a standalone project that Jordan Peele did by writing and directing the film, believe me when I tell you, you will be impressed by this film.

Now I have to admit, when the film first started out there was major comedy within there. In the beginning of the film, Andre (Lakeith Standfield) is walking down a suburb area looking for a street that was suppose to take him to the city area with the same name but makes some white people jokes about the suburbs. Andre then sees a white car slowly following him playing oldies music (you know the kind of music your grandparents grew up with) he finds it kinda creepy but then has second thoughts about walking down the suburb street saying lines like how black people always get stabbed in scenarios such as this in horror movies. When Andre turns around to look at the white car with the drivers door opened a man with a ski mask attacks Andre thinking the figure killed him but later on shows other things were done to him.

Now the film had a whole lot of comedy like how I said earlier but its mostly that racial humor that is sometimes true about white people so if your going to go into this film and say “oh this black director is making fun of white people and this isn’t comedy its racist” then I have this to say, don’t see the film, because this film is based on a lot of the humor that is on white people and on black people at times. And mostly the movie focuses on Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (Allison Williams) and it also has a hilarious buddy in the film named Rod (LilRey Howery) who later on in the film after having a conversation with Chris about hypnotism which leads to Rod having a theory but I will get to that in a bit.

So when Rose has Chris meet her mother Missy (Catherine Keener) and her father Dean (Bradley Whitford) which the father is pleased to meet Chris, he is astonished by the culture of black people apparently. But the mother you can tell she has a sinister plan just by looking at the disgust and yet curiosity on her face for Chris. Its like a look of “this is a nice specimen our daughter brought home to us” which kind of gives Chris anxiety and makes him want to smoke in front of the parents. Which then goes on to reveal that Missy dabbles in hypnosis to make people no longer want to do things that they don’t want to do. Missy offers the opportunity to hypnotize Chris to make him stop smoking but Chris denies.

The first night of staying at Rose’s parents house, Chris wakes up from a horrible nightmare. He then chooses to go outside to get some air and smoke a cigarette but notices weird things happening like the black cook Georgina (Betty Gabriel) looking at the window fixing her hair like shes up for the day and looking at the mirror and then goes back to her room. The grounds man Walter (Marcus Henderson) sprints towards Chris scaring him a bit but turning to the right at last minute. When Chris comes back inside he is then hypnotized by Missy forcing him to relive in his mind the moment his mother had passed away by a hit and run. When Chris wakes up the next day he then realizes he had been hypnotized by Roses mother.

Now one hilarious part of the movie was definitely when it came down to Chris calling his buddy Rod telling him he had been hypnotized. Rod doesn’t believe him at first but when he tells Rod about the feeling he has for cigarettes now and that hes cured. Rod then tells him about a show he watched one time about hypnotism, about how these people were hypnotized to become slaves to the people they hurt. Rod then gives a theory about the cook and the grounds man that they were hypnotized to be not just slaves but sex slaves to white people. Chris then hangs up the phone on Rod thinking his theory is ridiculous.

Its not until Chris and Rose attend this gathering Roses parents held that they realized something is very off about everything. Chris even starts feeling overwhelmed to where he goes away from the party trying to get to his phone but has to recharge it and is confronted by Georgina. After a psycho moment Georgina has in front of Chris the only thought he has is this woman is crazy as hell. When Chris thinks hes not the only black man respected at the party he confronts him only to find out its Andre (Lakeith Stanfield) but Andre is now going by the name of Logan at the party. When Chris takes a picture of Logan, Andre snaps out of the hypnotism and warns Chris to get out while he still can. Andre is then re-hypnotized back to Logan and leaves the party with his 50 year old wife.

When Chris sends the picture to Rod, he tells Chris its Andre who went missing 6 months ago while walking down a white people suburb area. When Chris tells Rod about the 50 year old woman he is with; Rod immediately tells Chris his theory is true that Andre was abducted and is now hypnotized to be a sex slave. When Chris suddenly gets paranoid things get twisted but yet the reveal wasn’t that shocking though that Rose was in on the luring Chris to become the next slave to their family. You can tell that they tried their best to hide the reveal but when it came out everyone in the movie theater were all like “I knew it, classic crazy white people.”

Of course the humor didn’t just come from the audience in the movie theater’s commentary of the film which some people didn’t appreciate while watching the movie but what can you expect some people can’t stay quiet while watching a movie in the theaters its just who they are. Another part of the humor was when Rod (LilRey Howery) went to Detective Latoya (Erika Alexander) to tell her, his theory about what happened to his best friend Chris who for two weeks has been missing. Detective Latoya then tells Rod she has to step out, she comes back with two other detectives and says for him to tell them what he just told her. So Rod tells Detectives Drake (Jeronimo Spinx) and Garcia (Ian Casselberry) about the theory of Chris’s girlfriend’s family abducting black people to make them their sex slaves. All three detectives break out in laughter not believing a thing Rod says.

Now I’m not going to spoil the whole movie for you guys and gals, but what I will say is that this movie is definitely worth it. I highly recommend this film for everyone who loves that classic Horror mixed with present day Comedy. Its a movie that will always stay in your memory if not as a horror movie then definitely as a comedy with mystery. But there are some horror parts in the movie so I can see why they classify it as horror. Overall this movie was great, its one of the best horror movies I’ve seen and I am deeply glad I was able to see it for a free movie screening on Wednesday February 22, 2017 because it made my day or night whatever you want to say.

I rate this movie: 4 out of 5 stars

Get Out is now in theaters