Legion (S01E03) “Chapter 3”



Legion (S01E03) “Chapter 3”


There is no holding back on the bizarre factor that surrounds this series. The start of this episode is a minefield of not so distant memories and precious psyches on the brink of collapse. The feeling of being lost and confused is a huge factor throughout this series so far, but I think that it fits with the whole storyline overall.

We get a glimpse of David’s (Dan Stevens) sister, Amy (Katie Aselton), through one of his many mind warps. She is being tortured by “The Eye” (Mackenzie Gray), using leeches to try to get information out of her. They know that the window of opportunity is slowly closing for them to track down and save her from an inevitable demise. Instead of slowly and methodically going through the program that has been set at the facility, Melanie (Jean Smart) makes the executive decision that they need to work swiftly to rectify this problem.

David is still questioning his powers as being something normal and not an illness, not quite believing what the others are telling him. That he is something special and more powerful than any of them have ever seen before. It all sounds too good to be true and it very well could be, but that is a problem to be sorted out down the line. The focus is on Amy and trying to form that link once more.

They decide that he must be hooked up to machines once more. So far he has been and even-tempered with the whole ordeal, his snark and sarcasm really pull his character together in a way that you can’t help but like David and relate with him on some level. Maybe not on the level of being an overpowered mutant, but on the level of being a human being who is trying to find truth in all the lies that have plagued his life.

David has accessed a different plane of reality, it could be in his mind, but it could be something much more than that. When he is being monitored while hooked up the readings light up, he is conversing with someone but no one else can see or hear what is going on. In his head, he was normal but on the outside, he was unmoving. Syd (Rachel Keller) having the worries any girlfriend would burst through the doors when everything started to go chaotic. There is David levitating in the air, the force of his power lifted Syd up as well and with a blinding flash they were gone.

As we delve into the powers that David has, this one is not shocking as it has been seen before when he transported himself, Melanie and Ptonomy (Jermaine Harris) during Memory Work. Now they were far from the facility, watching helplessly as Amy is being grilled by one of the higher-ups for Division 3. Trying to convince her that David needs to be found for his own safety, so his powers can be controlled and turned off. Even though it may seem like Syd and David are just spectators there is one person who can see them, The Eye has his sights on them and before they could get caught another vanishing act is pulled.

The whole situation has Melanie spooked, she knows that one false move and they will be able to track David down. All he wants to do is go back to his sister, but they would be waiting for his return. They must return to his mind, but this time he needs to be sedated so they can begin to unlock the parts he keeps blocking them from. This time Syd has decided to join in on the journey, despite David’s protests.

I can’t even begin to explain what goes on when they do Memory Work with David. His mind is all over the place, and it’s so hard to reign in his thoughts. Because of the sedation, he appears as his younger self, the only one that is open to what they want to set out to accomplish. Although it turns out to be much more challenging than they had anticipated. There is something not quite right, and the only one who seems to be able to see it is Syd and David. Ever since she took over his body she has had a strange connection with his thoughts and memories. The terror is real and the threat is too. Something doesn’t want them to be there prying in those dark corners. The Yellow Eyed hell spawn keeps appearing, it is unsettling in the best way possible. You never know what’s going to happen next.

As Syd is desperate to wake up David and get out of there, they find themselves trapped in his mind, and it is a terrifying experience. She is finally able to snap back to reality and so is Ptonomy, but Melanie and David are still under. Nightmares are very much a reality when Melanie is attacked by something while digging into David’s past, but reality soon comes into focus when she is abruptly thrown from his mind.

Why is David not waking up?  He seems to be trapped in his own mind, the voices screaming, blocking him from the outside world. It’s quite the way to end an episode, and keeps you wanting more.

This is a series that can make you question your own sanity. There are so many elements that bring this show together in a positive light. The characters are complex and forever surprising you, it makes me want to know more and see more.


Rating: 8.5/10

Legion (S0E04) “Chapter 4” airs on FX, Wednesday March 1st  at 10pm ET/PT