NCIS-NOLA: (S03E15) “End of the Line”

With bells tolling and music playing in the square, it’s noisy and business as usual in N’Awlins. Then a cable car driver sees Chief Karen Decker strung up, mutilated and hanging in crucifix. Her eyes are out!  “Boom- Boom!”

Yet this is a Loretta Wade story. Her memory and “The way we were” returns when she arrives to examine the body of Karen Decker. “Cut her down!” she screams. She’s seen it before. A man she helped convict with damaging testimony is paroled. Is it a copy cat killing or is “Jack the Knife” back?  If so, her life like that of the victim may be in danger. This leads to the reopening of Jack Gordon (Mustafa Shakir) case. Maybe he didn’t do this or the original crime, 20 plus years ago. He’s watching Loretta and is captured outside her home.  He’s schizophrenic and convincing when on his meds. He claims his innocence and the agents proceed to prove it.  

 Through out the investigation, it becomes clear Jack was set up years ago and is being set up again with this latest murder. His hair found on the body was placed there. But why?; this is the question in such an elaborate scheme. He was just a cable car driver.

A break in the case comes from Jack himself. While in prison, he reviewed his file everyday. An item was missing from the body, though photographed on the victim earlier that day. A very expensive necklace.  Find the necklace, find the killer.

 In other fun facts: Sebastian gets knocked out again.  It’s a show regular it seems. But this time he was hit from behind.  He gets credit for the fall. He wasn’t looking. Patton is back, but where is Percy?! And speaking of Percy; Gregorio proud of her ace profiling skills, has the perfect love match for LaSalle, Percy! I agree.

Loretta’s story wraps, when the true killer is found and she faces the painful memories that dictated her life for 20 years plus.  It was good.  A show of judgments, pre judgements, the flaws in what appears to be true, the power of anger and the big one…forgiveness for ourselves as well as others, was very well done by all players. 

Proactive in releasing the personal challenges of her past; Loretta has found a new friend, in herself and Mr. Gordon.

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