Star: (S01E09) “Alibi”

Star is sleeping outside at Hunter’s poolside.  After quitting the group she “ran away from home”, because the girls didn’t stand with her during the Jahil appointment of Eva to the group. Meanwhile, Eva’s showcasing for Jahil, during a solo rehearsal. She’s singing and dancing a Spanish contemporary Jahil wrote, back in the day. It’s good and she does it well. Yet he chooses Star over Eva during a show down of the two. The “L” is brazen on his forehead. #loser

The girls, Alexandra and Simone are out looking for Star and try Hunter’s place.  Cotton is gone, leaving her mama’s house and job after the attempt at Exorcism  by Pastor Bobby.

Back at the Salon, the cops and social worker, Juanita Phillips (Andrene Ward-Hammond) arrive and she puts Simone back in the system; Foster Care.  She’s arrested, while kicking & screaming. Detective Batista, (Philip DeVona) is on a mission. Everyone is a “Person of Interest” in the Otis murder. They search the salon head to toe, finding Carlotta’s gun.  At the station, Simone falls on the grenade, confessing she killed Otis to Juanita. Then ballistics proves the gun was never fired. All “Persons of Interest” are released and Carlotta’s granted temporary  guardianship

On the other side of town, Cotton is with her Boo, Eliot (Jack Yang) He wants to be more than another “John” and wants her to stop hooking. She agrees. ♡ * However, she does “one for the road” as her surgery is coming up soon. She needs the money.  But “never do anything for money, it’s never enough”  right?!  Eliot is waiting on the steps with flowers as she’s getting out of the car of a customer. He leaves her, convinced she likes doing what she’s doing.  She’s devastated.  And when there’s a knock on the door, thinking it’s Eliot, she’s disappointed to find it’s her mama. She’s come to apologize. Cotton doesn’t accept her apology & asks her to leave. “Go be with your other daughters”

While sitting alone in her car, Carlotta remembers the past and how this part of her life got to be this way.  Her strong arm robbery stems from a desperate need to fund an abortion. She didn’t get one.  She’s arrested and her child is born in prison. She did not even get a chance to hold her baby. Later we see Mary (Caroline Vreeland) her partner in song, upon her release with little “Arnold” It is the first time Carlotta “meets” her baby and gets to hold and hug her child. It also appears Mary took care of ‘Lotta’s baby during her incarceration.  This would explain her need to return the deed for Mary’s kids; Gratitude. 

This mom and daughter, Carlotta and Cotton dynamic never disappoints. It’s the true star for me. I can only look forward to…the next. * The progression of their relationship & the raw dialog in such a sensitive matter remain priceless. The rest of the show, not so much. 

Star usually airs new episodes, Wednesday nights, 9:00 a.m.Pacific Time

Key: (*) worth the eye strain