Suits (S06E15) “Quid Pro Quo”


Live To Fight Another Day

Plots in 6×15, ‘Quid Pro Quo’ can again be divided into Mike and Harvey’s (and suddenly almost all New York’s) goal to get him into the bar and make him a lawyer, Louis and his attempt to juggle his role at the firm with his relationship and last but especially in this episode, not least, Donna and Benjamin’s venture with The Donna.

After the last few episodes I was seriously starting to wonder how good Mike as a person exactly was and if his prison experience actually taught him anything (the same can apply for Harvey but I think he has never had the intention to make you believe that he is the Mother Teresa of law, so…) but I was even more conflicted throughout this episode. In their attempt to get closer towards getting him into the bar they would have to drop the suit Mike was planning on fighting for those miners and get the woman who was hired by Velocity Data Solutions to get information from Craig to give them leverage on Palmer. Mike chose to fight for the miners instead of getting himself into the bar but Harvey believed that they can have their cake and eat it too.

That’s why he dragged Rachel and Louis into the process to get the information of this mysterious woman, have her confess, force Palmer to give up the suit and settle for enough money to help the men his company poisoned plus have him honour Craig’s deal so that Mike’s bar hearing stays on. By getting secret information with the help of Louis they managed to find the woman who was responsible for Craig’s failure with the deal and get her to give up the data, thanks to Rachel and Harvey.

Despite all of that, Mike was still clueless about how close they have actually come towards getting him into the bar, until he found out from Harvey and was anything but okay with the idea of using Rachel to break the law. After she laid out the cards for him and told him she knows he will spend the rest of his life regretting not being whom he was destined to be – a lawyer, if they don’t go for it now, he changed his mind. 

Soon after, he and Harvey managed to dictate their terms with Palmer and Mike told Craig, his deal is back on the table as long as his interview with the character and fitness is and he makes sure Mike will pass.

Despite this success for him, Louis dealt with many issues because of it throughout the episode. Many of their clients have issued reviews on the firm, coming from recent events. But that wasn’t enough- while he was helping to get closer with Mike’s deal, his relationship with Tara was starting to get tested too. There were still things he hasn’t told her regarding the fact that he knew Mike’s secret all along and that he even got his name on the wall because of that. His close connection to that storyline again in this episode triggered him to want to tell her.

The last time his chances at a relationship with Sheila ended because she found out, but this time it was Rachel who reassured him that as long as he tells Tara himself, it most probably won’t have the same result. That, to me however, was a sort of naïve and silly advice, as Rachel and Mike’s relationship cannot really be compared to Tara and Louis’. By the end of the episode she makes a choice to remove herself from a situation for long enough to consider the information that was dropped on her all of a sudden.
Despite this additional drama in their relationship, I think it’s reasonable that jumping into something as fast as they did has consequences. They are learning as they go even more than a couple usually would.

Another plot this episode that portrayed learning was The Donna. Not so much about relationships with others, but more about her own self. Donna has mentioned in previous seasons that she let go of her dream of being an actress because she valued stability, coming from the fact that her father lost their money when she was little. She settled for a job that grew into something bigger, more important and valuable. She became everyone’s rock, a shoulder to cry on, the one you go to for advice and the one who can get you The Plasa hotel for your wedding. She has always been a person who knows her value to the firm and people she works with has nothing to do with her official title as a legal secretary.

However, in this episode as her and Benjamin tried to pitch the product to different investors, she learned the hard truth that to some people, the only worth of a person is what name they have to show for it. There were people who, as I have mentioned before, doubted how exactly this storyline was fitting in with the rest of the show, and I think this episode offered an answer for those who were willing to listen. She is starting to realize that there is more to life than being everyone’s cheerleader, that she has the potential to do something great, but that she will have to take some hard punches and changes to get there.

It certainly is an interesting contrast to see someone actually fight fair and square for what they want and live to fight another day, meanwhile others break the laws to get there.


Suits finale airs next Wednesday at 10/9c on Usa Network. I am wondering what you guys think about the promo?  Will Mike get into the bar? and what price will Harvey have to pay?