The Magicians (S02E05) “Cheat Day” Review

I’m going to review this episode by story line just to save time. Penny doesn’t get into much trouble today but his hands are still giving him problems. Although the White Lady regrew Penny’s hands he finds that he can’t do magic though he can still teleport. Dean Fog directs Penny to his old pervy Russian professor Mayakovsky who makes Penny do a few menial tasks. Mayakovsky tells Penny that magic is on the fritz every where and would have catastrophic consequences for magicians. In the real world Quentin meets Emily (from season 1) and they just so happen to work at the same office. They get off on the wrong foot but make up and have a magic cheat day doing small spells to have fun. One in particular gets really weird where Emily and Quentin perform a spell that makes them look like someone they loved and lost. For Emily it’s the professor she went ugly for: Mayakovsky, who had affairs with many of his female students but it was her who got him punished so now he’s stuck in his frozen castle unable to leave. For Quentin, Emily turns into Alice. They have hot shower sex but the next morning Quentin wakes up sober and even more miserable than yesterday. Basically he drops Emily like a hot potato and almost sprints out of her apartment. Smooth, Q. Smooth. As Quentin walks home in the bustling city he sees Alice’s apparition begging for help. Is Alice haunting him or is Quentin finally losing his mind?


Now I don’t like Julia but there are moments where I feel bad for her (however, she manages to screw up and make me dislike her all over again). I feel bad for her right now because she finds out that she’s carrying Reynard’s rape baby. Not giving it a second thought Julia resolved to terminate the pregnancy. Kady admits that she had one once making Julia feel less alone. They go to a clinic where the doctor councils patience but Julia doesn’t want to wait. I don’t blame her. The next day she and Kady come to the clinic the nurse at the desk starts acting shady… The nurse pulls up Julia’s appointment then deletes it saying she has no record of her appointment or ever being here and can’t admit her without an appointment. Julia manages to get past the weird nurse but when the doctor tries to perform the procedure someone or something controls her body and makes her stab herself in the eye. Kady runs in passing a smirking nurse (a Reynard follower or just one of those hard core pro-lifers?). Desperate Julia begs Kady to perform the procedure. Short of using a coat hanger I doubt Kady could perform something as complicated as terminating a pregnancy. Surprised Julia didn’t do it herself she’s so frantic about getting rid of this godling fetus. But Kady manages to convince Julia to wait and get out of there before anyone can call the cops or find the doctor’s dead body.


Eliot and Margo try to run Fillory. Right after Eliot finds out that he’s going to be a father someone tries to kill him. Turns out he’s a radical Fillory nationalist from the FU Fighters (I know the jokes are endless for this one). They want a citizen of Fillory sitting on the throne. Margo thinks they should execute him but Eliot is conflicted. He tells his farm wife that his own father wasn’t the greatest and he’s afraid of being the same for his own child. Even though Margo made quite a few good arguments for execution Eliot decides not to kill his would be assassin. He wants to raise a child in a non-violent world or at least try to be a benevolent ruler. I agree with Eliot and think he’ll make a good dad. Not great but still decent. Margo isn’t happy about being over ruled. Damn patriarchal society. But she concedes to Eliot hoping he didn’t make a mistake. Looks like he did… Eliot’s wife, Fen meets with the assassin and turns out they know each other. He tries to black mail her into helping the FU Fighters but she says if he ever comes back she’d kill him herself.


A! The show is very dark and full of edge especially this episode where Quentin is having an emotional crisis with his relationship with magic and Julia’s experience just keeps getting worse. Eliot is confronted with the idea of becoming a parent while Julia is more horrified which I don’t blame her for especially since it looks like someone wants her to have this baby against her will. Is it Reynard or maybe even the fetus (who knows what kind of powers a demigod has)! Also I hope they bring Alice back. I know what happens in the books but I won’t spoil anything for you…