Emerald City (S01E09) “The Villain That’s Become”

This episode was so good! We had so much that happened in this episode we had deaths, we had gun fights, we had shocking reveals even with one of the characters and even I didn’t see that coming! This episode is another great episode! Lets just hope that NBC does the right thing and renew this series because we need more than whats going to be in the season finale next week.

In this episode: The Wizard (Vincent D`Onofrio) is denied entrance to the castle of Ev and is about to be shot down on site with the guns he helped create for the queen. But when the queen is attacked by the Lead Assassin (Sergej Onopki), Lady Ev (Stefanie Martini) changes her mind and requests the Wizard to be let into her kingdom. The Wizard then teaches Lady Ev a thing or two about womanly manners that she should be showing to the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard then slaps the mask off of Lady Ev forcing her to hide her face from everyone.

On the road, Dorothy (Adria Arjona) is hunted by Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) when Dorothy makes a stop at the house that her and Lucas were staying at before they went to Glinda’s (Joely Richardson) castle. Lucas tries killing Dorothy but her dog Toto interferes and Dorothy runs away but its not too long till Lucas catches up to Dorothy trying his act at killing her again but begs Dorothy to make it stop. Dorothy stabs Lucas just above his kidney making him collapse (its unclear if hes dead or just asleep) Dorothy then ties up Lucas on a man made cross. Rising the cross right in front of the sun in hopes that Lucas finds peace once again.

Meanwhile with Wicked Witch of the West (Ana Ularu) and Tip (Jordan Loughran), West tells Tip she can use her sisters magic the only thing she has to do is concentrate. Tip works on concentrating but uses the magic to cloak herself as a boy once again. Tip thrilled it worked is in joy by being a boy once again but West is enraged in the boy or girls decision and demands for Tip to use her magic for more important purposes like freeing all the witches from Tip’s land.

When West and Tip free the witches they don’t believe that the boy they see is the king and queens daughter that was said to be dead. West begs Tip to stop the arrogance and transform back to a girl but while Tip hesitates the witches go to punish West for her betrayal to all witch kind. Sewing her mouth shut and levitating her body in the woods they go to agree on a way to punish her. Just before they could Tip uses the magic to reveal her true self forcing the witches to let her go and to go after the wizard.

Jack (Gerran Howell) goes to Jane (Gina McKee) to help him save Lady Ev from the Wizard. Jane agrees to help Jack by giving him a gun. When Jack returns to Lady Ev he tries being a hero and saving his lady from the monster in disguise but fails and accidentally shoots Lady Ev in the head killing her on sight. With the queen down The Wizard flees the castle being chased by the guards of Ev. Jack distraught about what he had done, he takes Lady Ev’s body to Jane begging her to save her by turning her into a cyborg like how he is. But Jane reveals Lady Ev was nothing but an Android disguised in human flesh. Jack angered by this reveal runs after the Wizard in hopes to kill him.

Meanwhile with Dorothy and Toto, Dorothy goes to Ojo (Olafur Olafsson) in hopes to help him finally free his wife Nahara (Mia Mountain). But when they get to the Witch of the East’s dungeon to free them all they are too late. Nahara is close to her end, but before she is able to she does a final request for Dorothy so that all magic in the lands of Oz can be free once again.After Nahara fulfills that request she passes away.

In the end of the episode: Dorothy with Toto marches to the battlefield heading towards Emerald City with the ancient Giants.

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