Powerless (S01E04) “Emily Dates A Henchman”

When Emily is invited to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, she opens up and sets her sights on the dating world in this week’s episode of Powerless.

As Emily looks upon her ex-boyfriend’s social media page of photos of him and his fiance. She tries te dating world again and goes out with Wendy and Jackie. There she spots Dan, a doctor, and the two hit it off very well. Emily returns to work the next day talking about how great Dan is and how they’re going to go to his boss’ place for the weekend. Not knowing this, Teddy and the gang tell her that she’s dating a henchman.

Just figuring it out, Emily storms out and talks with Jackie, who gives her a nice pep talk. When Dan comes up, she acts as though she caught him lying for the first time, but soon admits that he’s a henchman (for the Riddler) and that his real name is Reggie. But than ties both Emily and Jackie and tries to steal Wayne Security stuff.

Meanwhile, Teddy found Batman’s batarang left on a bank vault and both Ron and Teddy start to play with it. It catches Van’s attention and he takes it because he knows that Batman would want it back but also he tries to get Batman to pay for the damage to his car (a broken side mirror).

Later, Teddy comes out as Ron sets out the batarang out with milk and cookie for Batman. Van appears and he’s looking buff and having a cape hanging out his pants. Van has a Robin suit made cause he figures he could be Batman’s sidekick even though two of the Robins have died, for which gives him more excitement. As they wait in the alley, a shadow figure comes walking through, thinking it would be Batman, but it was a robber demanding money, with no help from Robin. As soon as he leaves all three talk while Batman picks the robber up and gives back the guys money and takes the batarang away in a fast pace.

As soon as Reggie was told what the Riddler wanted to do with Emily and Jackie (take them to the river), Van comes in, as Robin, and scares Reggie and his guys away. As they’re gone, Van tells Jackie to cut him out of his rubber suit and tells Emily to get a date.

“Emily Dates a Henchman” has one of the simplest titles out there. I really enjoyed this episode both Emily’s story and Teddy, Ron and Van’s story too. I think that this episode could be it’s best since it’s premiere and we’re only in to three episodes, I know. There wasn’t one player that stood out, it was mainly a great ensemble performance from the cast. The writing was very good. I couldn’t get enough of Teddy, Ron and Van talking about Batman (because I, too, am a Batman fan). Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Powerless Thursday nights at 8:30/7:30c on NBC. The show will return in two weekson March 9th.