The Blacklist Redemption: (S01E01) “Leland Bray”

After a thrilling finale in The Blacklist, a new spin-off which was hinted a while ago began titled ‘The Blacklist: Redemption’ where the whole story was based on Tom (Ryan Eggold).

With the news of his father dying in a plane accident shown on the previous episodes of The Blacklist, Tom grew an obsession about getting to know his roots. We were introduced to the happy couple with their child having a nice chat about Tom’s job (which he didn’t land).

A phone call from his father’s lawyer and a bit of convincing from his wife, he set out to get to know more about his father and his own family.

You can’t have a series about criminals and spies without having payphone calls causing game changers. The taxi from the airport dropped him near a payphone where his not so dead father called him to have a talk.

Meeting with him at a park his father told him that his jet plane was tampered with by his mother who was trying to get him out of the company and take it all for herself. He asked him to gain her trust and join the company.

Scottie (Famke Janssen) showed up the instance he was talking to Liz and asked him to help her in her own mission to save a CIA operative. Not realising Tom is her long lost son which she continuously remembers and sobs about throughout the episode goes to a gala party in a smoking red dress.

While all missions like The Blacklist are all a procedural story (problem-solving) this time we were shown a four perspective mission where every member was giving his or her own view.

After doing their mission, Tom decided to stick around mainly because of his father showing him his obsession about finding out more about Scottie.

I really messed up family where the mother tampered with the father’s plane and had an intimate moment with her son who she is unaware of, the father faked his own death and now is out to get his son to go undercover into his previous organisation and the son is now earning his mother’s trust and try to find out more about his family. Just another day on The Blacklist franchise.

Will the show be worth it? It is too early to tell especially since we lack the illustrious Red. However seeing how his mother is we might just end up getting there. Leave your thoughts and tell us what you thought about this episode.