The Great Indoors (S01E14) “Friends Like These”



What’s in the box? Don’t worry, it’s not a severed head, it’s an adorable kitten. Just another day in the life at the outdoor limit’s headquarters. What misadventures did the crew get into this week? Stay tuned!

Jack (Joel McHale) and Rachel (Maggie Lawson) seem to be the perfect match, dare I say “soul mates”? Since the seriousness of the relationship seems to be intensifying, it’s time for Jack to introduce her to his friends. But this is no easy task, it seems that all his friends have either moved on with their lives or have died strange and horrible deaths. Which spirals into a hilarious bout of paranoia from Eddie (Chris Williams) who seems to be Jack’s only best friend left.

Desperate to convince Rachel that he isn’t some loser that has no friends, he decides to invite the outdoor limit’s crew to his place for drinks. The only catch? They need to act normal. And if we know anything about this eclectic group of people, it will only prove to be an amusing night. With Mason (Shaun Brown) hopped up on “Bump” gum to get free merchandise, it’s only going to add to the chaos.

The evening seems to start out okay, aside from Eddie afraid of being afflicted by the supposed “death curse” that surrounds Jack’s closest friends. Brooke (Susannah Fielding) shows up with Paul (Andrew Leeds), who has brought his very own “KY Jelly”, you know, for dry biscuits. Emma (Christine Ko) comes with her boyfriend Greg (Andrew Ridings) and Mason has come solo, although he is flying high from the gum he’s become addicted to. Even Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) shows up with a date, which seems good to be true (believe me, it is.) Let the games begin?

As Jack seems to go from person to person trying to help them out with their various issues and problems (like finding out whether Clark’s date is a hooker or not. She is), he leaves Rachel in awkward conversations with people she barely knows. Brooke even goes so far as to tell Rachel about her and Jack’s one night stand just to make small talk.

Meanwhile Clark is trying to deal with the fact that Emma has brought her date to this party, trying to listen to Jack’s advice to go and fight for her, he ends be befriending Greg instead. They are like twins separated at birth, and just by Clark being his own lovable self, it causes a rift between Emma and Greg. Mission accomplished? We will find out soon enough!

The evening comes to an abrupt halt when Rachel finds out that these people she has been introduced to are only Jack’s “co-workers”. She gives him time to think about their relationship and what his alleged “work friends” mean to him, because obviously, he is holding back thoughts and feelings.

In the end, Jack, begrudgingly and stubbornly admits that the diverse group of misfits are his friends and he wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s something we all saw coming. In the small amount of time they have all known each other, even with all their differences, they all seem to mesh well.

I’m interested to see where the show will go from here.


Rating: 7/10


The Great Indoors airs on CBS, Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c