89th Academy Awards

The Oscars are back! For those of you who didn’t watch the Oscars you sure missed out on the funny jokes that Jimmy Kimmel made and many other wonderful things.

The highlight of the night is the mix up. Many fans of La LA Land was delighted when it was announced Best Picture but two minutes into the acceptance speech everyone and I mean everyone was confused as it turns out the envelopes were mixed and Moonlight was the rightful winner.

Let’s talk about the host Jimmy Kimmel.  If you watch his chat show you would already know how hilarious he is but for those of you who don’t he as certainly proved himself last night.His opening monologue was quickly turned to calling President Trump racist and talking about politics and i wouldn’t be surprised of Trump was to tweet about it. He also  made fun of Trump by making everyone applause for Meryl Streep as she was ‘overrated’.

One thing that everyone seemed to talk about was politics and i think that it’s great that all these actors and actresses have such huge platforms to talk about important issues like Racism, the LGBT community etc. In quite a few speeches politics was mentioned and it was mostly about racism which is important as eventhough they’re all their to celebrate the film industry they’re  not hiding from important matters.

Overall the Oscars have celebrated some of the greatest films of all time.