Sleepy Hollow (S04E08) “Sick Burn”


The US flag which opens this episode is distinctly … off. It’s actually a blend of the current flag and Dreyfuss Corp’s logo. That can’t be good. Neither is it good when we discover Malcolm (Jeremy Davies) is interviewing a considerably older, manacled and damaged Ichabod Crane (Thomas Mison). As Crane is dragged away, Malcolm is awakened by Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes), and he relays his vision of running America in far better fashion.

Molly (Oona Yaffe) and Crane are at a location to see a star – Logan McDonald (Robbie Kay) They wrestle over his cell phone. There’s a lovely little play on The Who’s “My Generation” which mystifies Molly, but amuses Diana (Janina Gavankar) and me. Logan arrives, making Molly’s day by taking a selfie with her, and then he promptly passes out while mysterious runes show up traced in fire on his arm.


Back in Chez Thomas, they have installed security, both standard and mystical. Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) places a rune in the kitchen to protect them. She asks if she can spend time with Molly.

Alex (Rachel Melvin) and Jake (Jerry MacKinnon) decide to give a dating app a try and are supposed to meet their dates at a local bar. Alex’s date is exceptionally sweaty and apparently juvenile, as he shows off a video that he just watched. Alex unceremoniously dumps him and, as she leaves, her sweaty date passes out. Jake, on the other hand, although stood up, has a way cool hat. Jake also lets the bartender know he’s got Alex’s back.

Jake is clearly a germophobe, although who could blame him? At the hospital, they run into Crane, who came in to check on Logan. Alex’s sweaty date utters a creepy, growly statement and the spontaneously combusts, taking some poor nurse with him.

Back in the vault, the team discusses that there are many of these cases appearing all over DC. Crane is reminded of a prior outbreak of illness, coinciding with a bunch of fires. They have a record by Paul Jennings (Zae Jordan), an amazing individual who took care of people who had “fire flu.” Jennings identified that the plague was actually being spread by reading a pamphlet. Alex remembers that Sweaty Date had watched a truly viral video by Logan MacDonald. Diana, in a panic, calls Jenny and Molly to make sure that Molly has not watched the video.

tendralitispng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E08) "Sick Burn"

Jenny is working with Molly to help her see her path.

molly is an oraclepng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E08) "Sick Burn"

Jake follows Alex and sees her breath steaming. He can tell that Alex watched the video and she’s infected.

Crane tries to get Washington residents’ attention by loudly proclaiming in public. Not successfully.

people of washingtonpng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E08) "Sick Burn"

Back in the Vault, Alex ducks Jake and the team by going in the tunnels to hide. She hears a voice and heads towards it. Although panicking, Jake is helped by Crane to focus and find Paul Jennings’ notebook. It turns out that Jennings was part of a team of four: made up of Davy Crockett (Daniel Parvis), Samuel Wilson (Rick Espaillat) and Sacajawea (Dayana Rincon). The demon is identified as a djinn (or, as we are more familiar with, a genie). The A-team studied and determined that they needed to track the demon, and they called up a storm to save Washington. Sam Wilson died, but Jake is determined that Alex will not suffer the same fate.


In the tunnels, there is a room with many cylinders. The djinn, wearing an outfit, is calling the infected to burn for him, and shows flames surrounding his face.

pied piper demonpng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E08) "Sick Burn"


Jenny and Molly look at the items Jenny’s collected and Jenny explains that this is a way of identifying her path. There is no wrong choice, but Jenny is very relieved when Molly chooses the bowl, which symbolizes the Oracle. Molly can see into people’s souls. Molly runs the pestle around the edge of the bowl and falls into a trance. In her vision, she sees the aged and chained Crane.

Crane is determined and thinks it’s his role to Witness the curse and so he chooses to view the video, but Jake has already watched it. Jake experiences a vision and can tell where Alex is. Jake is adamant that they save Alex and asks that they maintain the integrity of his toy collection if he dies. They go in, seeing both Logan and Alex. Diana is able to inject Alex with the cure, but Jake is drawn ever closer to the fire collector. Crane strips two power cables and, as Alex knocks Jake aside, electrocutes the monster. This breaks his hold over the crowd.

jake and alex bondpng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E08) "Sick Burn"

Alex is incredibly touched that Jake saved her. Crane and Diana come in and Jake shows them the picture of the A-team that he has located. Crane is subdued. He shows Diana that he has a letter of marque putting him in charge of the A-team’s (the Vault’s) Agency and he’s very worried he will end up getting them killed. But Diana reminds him that it’s really leadership.

the a teampng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E08) "Sick Burn"

The new team takes a selfie using the “cheese” of yore, which is actually “prunes.” Jenny warns Diana that Molly saw Crane in a vision which frightened her and that he was old and tired and very afraid. They are sure Dreyfuss is behind this. Dreyfuss is in his lair, designing the new Dreyfuss American flag. We see that Dreyfuss recovered Logan, who is still altered and is going to be a secret weapon.

the dreyfuss flagpng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E08) "Sick Burn"

Grade B+

This episode brought forth a new storyline of far future Dreyfuss and future Crane, who appears to be worse for wear. It would seem that it’s not useless for Molly to see this future, meaning she must be able to alter it. It was interesting to get the background on  Jennings’ team, and to see the care that every one of the current team shares for each other. I continue to appreciate that Agent Thomas trusts Crane and, more importantly, trusts Molly with Jenny. Alex and Jake very firmly bonded this episode. The question is – will it remain strongly platonic? I think they see themselves more as “brothers in arms” than “lovers in arms.” Interestingly, Molly has seen this corporate future, and so has Dreyfuss, and Jenny has shared this with Diana, but it doesn’t appear anyone has told Crane! I’m guessing this will come back to haunt them.

Next episode: Child’s Play airs Friday, March 3, 2017, at 9 pm on Fox