Chicago Fire (S05E15): “Deathtrap”

Chicago Fire kicked off last night’s #OneChicago television event with a bang-literally.

The very first scene felt more like a movie than a regular episode, which only made me more excited for the following three hours of TV.

As rescue scenes go, this episode was very intense, especially when a Chicago PD Intelligence team member’s daughter was stuck in the building. Bowdoin courageously sent a few members of his squad back in, but she still remains in critically condition back in Med during this episode.

As a surprising twist of events, Anna shows up at the Firehouse with news of a possible move to Chicago. I’m excited the writers are continuing this love triangle and interested to see how this affects Kidd.


Chicago Fire ends dramatically as the owner of the “deathtrap” building shoots himself and the rest room, leaving it up to PD to try and solve the murder case.