Imposters (S01E04) “Cohen, Lenny Cohen”


Escaping the past is a race that can last a lifetime and most of the time, the past comes out as the winner.

It’s usually the past where clues can be found. Especially if the person you’re looking for isn’t who she says she is. Last we saw them, Ezra, Richard, and Jules had made a breakthrough in discovering their wife (may I remind you this isn’t Big Love) whereabouts. Saint Agnes Academy in Pennsylvania is the starting point. So, they head there and apply the good set of skills they’ve come to learn in the art of deceit and breaking and entering. While Richard charms (come on, the others couldn’t if they tried) is up to Jules and Ezra to figure out, from all the yearbooks, which photo belongs to Alice, Ava or Cee Cee. And that’s exactly what they accomplish when they discover Maddie Jonson (yes, without an h).

One step forward for the trio. While others would love to enjoy Pennsylvania, these three need to know more about Maddie. How and why did she become what she is? Logically there’s no better way to learn from a person that from that person’s family. Now that they tracked Maddie’s mother, it is Jules that impersonates and old friend from school to get a lunch date in her house. Of course, Richard plays the husband in the scheme that allows Ezra to enter (again, breaking and entering) the house unseen. Are these three going to become better than Maddie at this game?

Nothing says ‘this is who I was’ better than our room. That place doesn’t lie. That’s who we were. In there, our dreams lay. Obviously, Ezra is attracted to that room but soon is discover by Maddie’s dad. Poor guy suffers from dementia and thinks Ezra is there to take Maddie to prom. Thus, allowing Ezra to play him and steal his phone. This will facilitate the team to send and e-mail to her and pinpoint her location.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, Safron (or Maddie or Ava… pick which name you like) makes a mistake. Her flirting and possible affection towards Patrick causes anger in Gary, the banker. Now she has to gain him again. Just what Max was worried about: feelings. They have nothing to do in the conning business.

Gary’s anger escalates when he finds Sally (you know, Viv, the polish cleaning lady) looking under the floor. Yes, that’s what a cleaning lady is supposed to do. But not when that particular part of the floor has money under it. So, he confronts her. Gary knows about the Doctor (shocker!) and wonders if Viv is working for him.

Who is definitely working for the Doctor is Lenny that by now is inside Maddie’s apartment making her dinner. And you know what goes with dinner other than wine: and interrogation. Lenny is not one to play with. She is one step ahead of Maddie and basically orders her to end it with Patrick and finish the job with Gary,

To do so, Maddie visits Gary’s house just to discover a fight broke loose and her boss and future husband is lying unconscious on the floor bleeding. Not looking that good is Sally, also bleeding and hugging a bag full of money which she takes leaving Maddie alone in the house.

Quotes from the episode:

“Me plus you equals lovely”
“Haunted by the memory of his daughter”
“My job begins when you fail to do yours”
“You polish bitch!”
“He’s like a boner with a body”