Legion (S01E04) “Chapter 4”




Gather round everyone, it’s story time. Trying to unlock the mysteries in the mind of David (Dan Stevens) is no easy task. Seeking out the truth among the glitched out memories that dot the landscape of his infinite mind. All they want are answers, instead they only find more questions and doubt their own sanity.

David has not awoken and the effects of the sedative have long worn off. Syd (Rachel Keller), Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) and Kerry (Amber Midthunder) have been given the task of digging through David’s time before he ended up at Clockwork’s. It’s the only thing they can do while he is still under, lost in another plane. Melanie (Jean Smart) and Cary (Bill Irwin) stay behind to monitor the situation there at the facility.

David is left at the mercy of his voices, and without warning they abruptly vanish, he can now take in his new surroundings. It’s as though he is walking through the stars, becoming one with the universe. That’s when he discovers he is not alone, there is another there. As he follows this stranger into the unknown the reality that he may not be in his head finally hits him. This stranger turns out to be Melanie’s husband, Oliver (Jemaine Clemet), who has been kept at the facility in a concealed room. He has been trapped on this astral plane for a long time and welcomes the unexpected guest with open arms.

Although David is receptive to the notion that his mind had been catapulted to a plane beyond his mind, he is stubborn and does not to remain there, waiting for someone to come rescue him. I mean he is supposed to be this all-powerful mutant, there must be some way he can break out of there. It’s that mind-set that makes you like him even more, he knows that he has these abilities and he isn’t afraid of to find out what they can do. There is no victim complex when it comes to David, even after all he’s been through. As he departs from the safety of Oliver’s room, he is warned that the monster is out there, waiting.

In the outside world, there is a lot going on as well. Syd, Ptonomy and Kerry have been doing detective work of their own. Finding their way to Dr. Poole’s (Scott Lawrence)  office, David’s psychiatrist off and on for three years. There are signs that things may have ended violently for the doctor. With Ptonomy’s power they can recall the “memory” of the voice recorder used in David’s sessions. There they got a glimpse of the bloodied body of the good doctor. This brings all their beliefs into question, could David really kill someone like that? Maybe there was more to him than they thought and perhaps all his former memories were just illusions conjured up by him to conceal who he really is.

The more they dig into the life of David, the more they question all they had known, even Syd who is still convinced that he is a good man and that there is more to the story. Isn’t there always? That’s what they do to you in this show, they lead you down a path that seems familiar and then take you for a ride. You really do need to expect the unexpected and even then, you can’t predict what will happen next. Such as the discovery that Kerry and Cary are one in the same. Well, they are two people who exist in one body. Although Kerry can leave the body when the time permits, she doesn’t age, but he does. They are linked in every way possible. It is things like this that adds depths to the story and keep you on your toes.

It appears they are not the only ones seeking out David’s past. We keep getting glimpse’s of “The Eye” (Mackenzie Gray) going on his own search and destroy mission. While Amy is being kept prisoner at their own secure facility, she has made a friend, David’s doctor at Clockwork’s has been imprisoned in the cell next to hers. She’s finally coming to terms with something she suspected all along, that David was never truly sick, just special.

Syd, Ptonomy and Kerry managed to track down David’s ex and they can scan through her memories while Syd keeps her distracted pretending to be interested in buying a new house. We get more truths, such as Lenny was never around, it was Benny, a big guy who pushed David into doing destructive things. Yet in his memories this man was never seen. There was something else, the glimpse of Dr. Poole, he may still be alive. Syd cannot contain herself in those moments and breaks, confessing that she knows David. That’s when they get the whispered warning from his ex, “They’re watching.” It brings an ominous tone to the situation. Something they should’ve heeded.

Little did they know that a trap was waiting for them when they arrived at “Dr. Poole’s” new place of residence. The Eye was one step ahead of them the whole time, and had left those bread crumbs to lead them right to him. Kerry had been ready to kick ass the whole episode and she finally got her wish, jumping from a window to play the hero while Syd and Ptonomy contended with The Eye. When it looked as though there was no hope for them, Syd unleashed her power, switching bodies with The Eye and being able to round-up her friends to “bring them in”. They had dodged a bullet, for now.

David has been walking around the astral plane in circles when Lenny appears. She always seems to be there. His emotions are running high as he tries to figure out who she is and why she is there, that’s when she reveals that she is part of him, and no matter where he goes, she will go too. That’s when she shows him what is going on in the real world, the love of his life has been trapped by the enemy. Lenny knows that anger is one of David’s triggers, and it work’s, before he teleports there is a flash of the Yellow Eyed Monster, it’s him. And in an instant, he is right there in front of the truck that is holding his friend’s captive.

Although he believed that he was being the hero of the story, he couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. Syd was still trapped in The Eye’s body and he inadvertently let’s a very dangerous man go. Not knowing of the imminent danger Kerry makes the ultimate sacrifice, she shields them from the bullet that is hurling right for them, as it strikes her she goes down. Back at the facility Cary goes down as well. The Eye has gotten away, but there are bigger things to worry about now.

Every episode ends on its own cliff-hanger, it’s one of the ways they keep you coming back for more. There are so many amazing depths and levels to these characters, and we have barely scratched the surface. Never knowing what is going on is a perk when other shows shove the premise down your throat. They have found their niche, now I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.


Rating: 9/10


Legion airs on FX every Wednesday at 10PM/et