Suits (S06E16) “Character And Fitness”



‘Character And Fitness’

“It’s rare and lucky to have a show last so long that we’ve delivered on the original premise.” The creator Aaron Korsh told The Hollywood reporter regarding the finale of season six, and that is exactly what it was. An end of an era. We started the show following a storyline involving two lawyers and one law degree. Since then the show has evolved into something much more complex and broad yet till this week’s episode the premise stayed the same. Even thought I was the first one to express my problems regarding this leading storyline, especially lately, I have to admit it’s sort of a special feeling to finally let that go and move forward in a different way.

Besides making some things a matter of the past, this episode also planted some very important seeds for the future- regarding all of the mains. Starting with Louis, his path led him through some strong character development but hit a bump in the last week’s episode that turned into a much bigger obstacle. His fight with Tara resulted in her leaving as the ending of 6×15 but following that, he found himself choosing once again- between the firm and his private life.

Even though through the episode he expressed the fact that he has trouble concentrating on other things, that didn’t stop him from helping Mike, Donna and be there with the whole firm family at the end. That resulted in him missing a phone call from Tara, which turned out to be everything he feared. She broke it off and it left him broken (- also me watching that unfold, give Rick Hoffman an award, that guy is so talented, you didn’t even need to hear what Tara was saying to understand it just from his facial expressions, master class.) The way his life is going to continue in the future remains a big question mark, leaving all the pathways regarding his professional and person life open.

Same goes for Donna. The ambiguousness the writers of Suits love to implement so much, was, by no surprise, expressed through her character’s ‘cliff-hanger’. Even though she may left some people with an impression that her attitude towards The Donna was pretty casual and that she didn’t really put much pressure on the idea (6×14, “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work” although her body language told a completely different story), she proved that to be wrong in this episode, which nicely followed her journey of finding herself and her purpose that started in 6×15.

The device turned out to be overlapping another’s company product to the point that would get them sued and prohibited her and Benjamin from pursuing it in any business capacity. Even though both of her partners and Louis presented her with the unfortunate reality she needed time to consider her options and went to Harvey, where she finally managed to open up and express her thoughts out loud. Assuming from the weight the interactions of these two characters carry, it was a very important scene in terms of setting the atmosphere of their relationship and where it’s going to move forward in the future, as she tells him she wants something more and that she is going to try and figure out now what exactly that means.

In that moment, despite the expression on Harvey’s face that reminded me much of 4×16 when she left, he manages to show some sense of acceptance and support for the fact that this isn’t his place to change her mind or try to persuade her to think otherwise. It’s about her and it’s time the show explores that further as she has been here since season 1 just like everyone else but will now finally start to actually focus on her own sense of self, not just help others understand theirs better.

In the aspect of Harvey’s personal journey this season, that scene provided some satisfaction because it started coming full circle with the dream where his subconscious told him that her leaving him professionally wouldn’t really mean HER leaving HIM and with that he will be able to handle the change in a more mature and comforting way. In addition to that, was the Jessica of it all.

Despite Harvey’s issues with abandonment, expressed throughout the whole history of the show, as well as the dream in 6×11, we can see him take a great step forward as he calls Jessica for help and isn’t afraid to admit he is need of a supporting, helpful hand (which we have sort of seen him do a lot this season but certainly not as defining as doing that with a person that has recently left in such significant way). 

Jessica’s main role in this episode came down to Harvey and Mike’s way to getting the latter into the bar. After being informed by Anita Gibbs herself that she is the newest member of the character and fitness committee, they were forced to fight even more than they thought they will have to. From the issues Mike faced in this episode regarding the clinic, to the fact that he needed to persuade his prison psychologist to testify at the Bar to Harvey blackmailing the member who gave up his chair at the committee to almost getting disbarred to pay off his debt to Mike, it all boiled down to his last hearing, where to the surprise of the viewers as well as the committee Jessica admitted to knowing Mike was a fraud and by using Anita’s human side to soften her managed to get them to the point where they could all together, as the family we have grown to love, celebrate this new point in their lives. Mike becoming a lawyer and Jessica getting the proper goodbye, by doing something defining for where the show will go in the future.

Assuming from the ending of the episode with Mike and Harvey negotiating his terms – we will be seeing some changes in the positions at the firm, as well as the offices (um… the whole concept of Mike in Harvey’s office, go big or go home, right Mike?) and the relationships between the people in them.

As Jessica said in this episode- “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” No matter for what reason you tune into the show now, no matter if that reason has changed since s1 or continues to change form season to season, it’s a fact that this episode tied a bow around the storyline that created the starting point of the show and I am thrilled to see where this fresh start takes us now. Wherever it goes, I hope it crosses Jessica’s path again, and again, and soon too.


Suits returns back for a summer season later this year and YAY to Gina Torres & Aaron Korsh for the spin off news! How did you guys enjoy this episode & are you excited about the Jessica spin-off?