Supernatural (S12E14) “The Raid”


Welcome to another new review, last episode ended pretty heated! Let’s see how this one goes~

We open up with Mamma Winchester, Dean, and Sam in the bunker. From at the end of the last episode Mamma Winchester literally dropped a huge “No Longer A Secret, I need to Come Clean” moment on the boys. She’s been lying & working with the British Men of Letters all this time.They boys want to know why, an she replies with to catch up with time & hunting. Dean obviously doesn’t want to hear it. For him she has basically lied to them, betrayed them, and pretty much stabbed them in the back..badly. Dean tells her that the door is there & Sam doesn’t disagree, he follows suit an leaves Mamma Winchester staring in a daze.

Mamma Winchester wants to explain herself more clearly to the boys. But even as she texts them like crazy frm the British Men of Letters hideout, she gets nothing. Dean is on the verge of losing his mind after what happened & psucks at finding cases. He tells Sam to find him something to kill to let off steam but Sam says that maybe they should talk to mom. (Sam was the only one to text her back a reply.) Dean sass has not ended, he gets on Sam on how he’s always stuck in the middle of all the arguments that have occurred. With Cas & now with mom,  at this point Dean is now telling Sam he needs to pick a side. An to stay on it.

Sam comply’s & goes to see Mamma Winchester at the hideout where the British Men of Letters are. She explains she wants to rid the world of monsters so the boys can live a normal life. But what normal life?! They can’t do that anymore! She truly knows nothing about the boys & what they have been through. Dean had a normal life at some point: a nice family, a home, a loving woman and cool kid. But then the hunting life came back to bite him in the ass after a year & later Sam got out of the cage. He had to wipe there memory of his existence! That was so sad! As for Sam he did meet a lovely woman at some point and got a dog & lived happily. Yet, that didn’t last long either. Both of the boys have hunting in them, them living a normal life is like them having a fever. A fever that needs to be cured! She really needs to discard “normal” from her equation and quick! For everyone doesn’t get a happy ever after.

Sam of course doesn’t buy the whole “normal” life thing & finds it a damn joke. But he does stay for the meeting that they were having about raiding the last vampire nest so they can go further with there plan. Sam is quite surprised at how much ground they have covered. Maybe these guys are getting some stuff done after all. As for Dean, he has the other Happy Go Lucky Brit trying to play the friend card with a bottle of Scotch. Plus information on vampires at a hideout. Dean is all in for a good hunt, but when you arrive & there’s nothing to kill that can be a downer. All that was there was one vamp as the messenger, informing them that the other vamps went hunting. For all the other Hunters. Back at the Brits hideout there all preparing to pack but the guard is gone from the security camera. More like dead to be exact! The vamps are there & are ready for a blood bath! Now you must be wondering how they got this information in the first place. You can that the Alpha Vamp for that one! Yes, the Great One is back!

Vamps are literally raiding the place, but everyone inside is trying to keep the doors locked. Sadly that is becoming difficult, but the saddest part of all were the weapons those Desk Brits pulled out. Made me so made that the only ones that had killed something were th e actual hunters themselves, the rest just have degrees in something! Yup there are fucked! But here’s that extra pinch of salt to this terrible combination, they have a secret weapon. Now here’s the after taste, it’s the colt. Boy oh boy, Sammy is not happy to see that again.Mamma Winchester explains that’s what she took from the 1st General of Hell’s home. I was waiting for Sam to get on her about Cas almost dying but Dean already did! Sam just holds his breath for awhile & says that all they can do is make the bullets an hope it works. Bobby was the one to tell him the recipe. Man I miss Bobby.

While the ingredients are being gathered, vamps are getting in through the not so locked doors. So Sam, Mamma Winchester, and the other Bubbly hunter who was in the room go on a head chopping spree. All is going well til they get separated. The Bubbly Hunter comes back after the chanting is done over the bullets, saying that he lost Sam & Mamma Winchester. Which is a lie. The Alpha shows up & he’s ready to give these Brits a piece of his mind.

Alpha Vamp wants all the Brits to go back home & stop killing his children already! He was trying to live a nice peacefully life, but a lot of his kids are dead. An that has made him leave his solitude & that pisses him off. At this point it’s revealed that the Bubbly Hunter was his spy all along & that how he knew where there hideout truly was ( he’s paying him well). Sam then comes in, grabs the colt, and points it at him. The Alpha Vamp finds this funny because he reminds Sam that that gun can’t kill him. For he is one of the five monsters that, that gun can kill. (I’m no the only one right, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE OTHER MONSTERS ARE!). Sam does some small talking which does help him get a bullet in the gun (really wanted him to kill that stuck up Brit) & takes a chance. He literally shoots the vamp in te head & he actually dies! Well I’ll be damned! It literally works! Guess that means the colt is back in business.

In conclusion: The Alpha Vamp is actually dead. Dean tells Mamma Winchester that he’s fine with her hunting with them. He knows that there are things she will do that will piss him off & he has to learn to accept it, There all adults, time to act like it. And Sam has secretly decided to join the British Men of Letters but will slowly try to convince Dean to join as well. Good luck with that one Sammy.