The Flash (S03E14) “Attack On Central City”

This episode is the second part of a two part episode with Gorilla Grodd. And this episode was interesting but of course there was a bit of family drama within the episode with Harry Wells and Jesse Quick like how I knew there would be. But overall it was good, and the ending of the episode was a good opening for next weeks episode. And another thing I’m wondering, when are they going to give Grodd his helmet that makes him force everyone to see him as an actual talking gorilla of course they could go in a route that never goes like that for Gorilla Grodd; I guess time will tell now that he’s banished from Earth-2 and is staying in Argus in Earth-1.

In this episode: H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) is decorating the speed lab with hearts for valentines day. Harry[Harrison Wells from Earth-2] (Tom Cavanagh) thinks what H.R. has done to the lab is ridiculous and is very horrible. When the team comes to the lab, Barry (Grant Gustin) thinks its quite a nice and interesting thing hes done for the pathetic holiday. Jesse (Violett Beane) tells her father, Harry about wanting to stay on Earth-1 with Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale). At first Harry is filled with anger but hides that anger and tells Jesse he’s happy for them. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) then discuss about how the holiday for Valentines is literally the worst day that could even happen for either of them for this year or any year for Cisco.

The team then get an alert about a breach opening onto their Earth, revealing Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) leading the gorillas of Gorilla City onto their Earth. The team then gets Gypsy to safety and retreats after seeing the amount of gorillas that came through the breach. The team then discusses about what they can do about getting Grodd (David Sobolov) and his army of gorillas back to Earth-2. Harry thinks about a device they can create that could perhaps help locate the other gorillas. Harry and Wally then work together to create the device. While they are working Iris (Candice Patton) tries to help out with Joe (Jesse L. Martin) any way she can with preparing the officers for a possible battle that will happen with Grodd and his army.

Cisco then asks Gypsy about anyway possible for her to help the team with stopping Grodd. But she refuses to help the team and tells Cisco about a case shes currently working on and needs to get back to her earth so she can talk with a client to help her finding the child of the case. Gypsy then tells Cisco about memories or more of images that Grodd gave to her while they were connected. She described images of Central City in ruins with women, children, even men screaming in pain and agony. After that bit of info Cisco lets Gypsy go back to her earth for her case.

When Barry, Wally, and Jesse get a call from Joe about a location on Grodd the team goes only to find the officers with Joe standing around looking for the gorillas. Grodd then takes control of Joes mind to talk to Barry. Grodd makes a threat against Joe’s life to make Barry angry but just before Joe could pull the trigger and kill Joe; Barry speeds to save Joe by making the bullet only graze Joe’s skin. When Joe snaps out of the control the speedsters realize its a diversion for what Grodd is really after. General MacNally (Paul Jarrett) is heading to a base outside the city but changes plans when he is attacked by Grodd.

When Joe explains to the team about him also having images from Grodd revealing to him while he was being mind controlled. Harry thinks of a method used on Earth-2 that helps stimulate the brain; Caitlin tells Harry about the same simulation thats used for a therapy use on their Earth but can be used if they use a powerful magnet. When they create the device they use it on Joe to find out anything that his brain might remember from being controlled by Grodd. Joe then starts drawing a man’s face revealing its the face of General MacNally.

When the team locates MacNally they find out the missiles are already targeted to Central City. Barry tries every code his speedy fingers could create finally cracking the code after who knows how many speedy numbers he punched. Barry then stops the missiles from firing and goes back to the team thinking theres another way to defeat Grodd and his gorilla army. We are then taken to Earth-19 we see Gypsy talking to the Accelerated Man (Sean Poague) giving him a picture of the child shes searching for and giving details about the case; Accelerated Man told Gypsy he will look into and speeds off. Gypsy then has a long conversation with Cisco who breaches to her earth. Eventually Gypsy agrees to help Cisco and the team out with the gorilla problem.

Barry, Wally, and Jesse all stand against the gorilla army. Barry took on Grodd in hopes he will be fast enough to defeat him while Wally and Jesse distracted the army by trying to trip them all one after the other but eventually got knocked off their feet. Barry got knocked off his feet by Grodd. Grodd tells Barry he will never kill him because he shows too much mercy but just before Grodd could kill Barry; Cisco and Gypsy come through the breach bringing with them Solovar (Keith David). Solovar and Grodd have their fight leaving Grodd defeated. Just before Solovar could give the finishing blow to Grodd, Barry begs Solovar to show him mercy just like how he showed him mercy. Solovar agrees only if Grodd stays on Earth-1. Barry and the team lead Solovar and the Gorilla City army back to their earth never to return.

Barry then assures everyone that Grodd is locked up in Argus in Star City (but who knows how long that will last). Jesse tells her father Harry she is still staying with Wally and he agrees to let her live her life. Harry goes back to Earth-2 after a nice goodbye to his daughter.

In the end of the episode: Wally speeds to Big Belly Burger to get Jesse and him some food but on the way he is confronted by Savitar (Andre Tricotuex) (voiced by: Tobin Bell).

Next episode: The Flash(S03E15):”Wrath Of Savitar”