Star: (S01E10) “Boy Trouble”

Only 1 episode left to the finale! “Yay!” 

This show’s been a roller coaster; good, bad, up, down,sideways and in between.  Yet the Carlotta-Cotton & Alexandra-Derek dynamic remains the constant and “Star”  of this first season. Coming up fast on the shoulder is Eva. She’s actually a good addition to the show and the group. She outshines the often mean and obnoxious Star, with her sly, slick, wicked and just plain sneakiness! I look forward to her shenanigans and her self proclaimed “innocence”  This week the show opens with a deception by Eva and her “uncle” Jahil

The girls are rehearsing. A guy named Van Evans (Josh Ventura) from the Next Fest competition arrives and advises Jahil; since a quartet was approved, a trio is “no bueno”  So reluctantly they all agree.  Eva is back. Later we learn this Van guy, was a joker for hire. Simone overhears Jahil & Eva celebrating their ruse. She tells Star & she promises payback.

Hunter buys Star a house.  She’s not comfortable “doing it in the car” and Hunter’s mama is still a problem. So problem solved. It’s in her name. She cries. 

“Pumpkin” (Missy Elliott) is back. Jahil goes to her, asking her to produce the girls. She agrees.  Later Eva takes the bridge meant for Star, when she adds her “spanish sauce” impressing Pumpkin.  She likes it and agrees to let Eva have it * Star promises payback, forgetting how she swooped in on Alexandra (episode 6, Infamous) taking the mic and applause.

At the Next Fest preliminaries, the girls old foe and nemesis Glamour are back. With confidence, one of the Glamour girls throws a drink on Star. Star drys off and Simone prays.*

I must say, “Big Trouble” was really good in the competition. The arrangement, choreography & harmonies were perfection.  It was a nice surprise * And like the Apollo, by applause they where chosen to move on to the finals. Their dream just got real! 

Earlier that day, Alexandra & Derek met a reporter, Yvonne Turner (Sylvia Jefferies) who stirs the pot regarding his arrest & Alexandra’s bruises at the hands of the cop who arrested her. Although he agreed to keep a low profile, Derek goes to the reporter, suggesting she do a story on the cop who roughed up Alexandra. He is known in the neighborhood as being, “unfriendly” She agrees. He’s forced to tell Alexandra about it and she is not pleased. Yet he assures her, everything is alright.  He loves her; as a car slams into theirs, spinning out both vehicles  It looks critical.

Finally in a Maury Povich moment, Jahil finds out he’s the daddy of Cotton!  When Cotton…and her friend “Molly” (drugs) tries to kiss him, Carlotta blurts out, “He is your son!”  Now we all knew he was somebody’s daddy, right? Methinks we were all leaning towards Star.  And that still is a possibility! Never the less, he gets another “L” on the forehead.  He never questioned the paternity, although he knew how “Lottie” felt about him, nor did he do the math.  Yet “cocaine is a hell of a drug!”

New episodes of Star,usually air, Wednesday, 9:00 p.m Pacific Time

Key: * worth the eye strain