Chicago Justice (S01E01): “Fake”

Chicago Justice made a big television entrance as the final episode of the #OneChicago event.

The entire storyline which spanned three episodes of Fire, PD, and now Justice, ended with a lot of closure due to Justice. In the past, most stories ended with PD. There was satisfaction that the criminal was locked up, but audience members missed the large segment of actually putting that criminal away.

Chicago Justice is very different than the other three shows of the Chicago franchise because the stakes are much lower. Nobody is going to die in a fire or in surgery, yet the writers were still able to maintain the tension by slowly developing the case and introducing us to the workings of court.

Certainly my understanding of the Justice system isn’t great, so it will take a few episodes to really begin to understand the lingo, but I found this episode very intriguing. There were no big surprises for that matter, so in making this show a success, it will be up to the writers to bring in strong story lines that really do leave audience members on their seat. Perhaps it was just the nature of this case and the episodes prior it that made it obvious it had to have a happy ending.

As the start of this series, Justice certainly made a name for itself and I look forward to watching more this Sunday. There is now a whole new set of Chicago characters to get to know.