Chicago PD (S04E16): “Emotional Proximity”

The second episode of the #OneChicago television event hit close to home for Alvin, when his daughter Lexi died due to organ failure. His grieving hasn’t occurred in normal fashion, so we should expect that in later episodes.

In terms of cases, this was pretty simple. Emotionally, it was high intensity watching the death toll rise, but actually finding the criminal was fairly straightforward.

I did like their tactic of closing in on the murderer at the vigil, but couldn’t get over how freezing Lindsay looked.

The directors for all of these #OneChicago episodes stepped up their game, especially during Halstead’s street chase scene. At first I was a little disoriented with the new camera motions, but found it much more interesting to watch as well.

I think in terms of Chicago PD episodes, this wasn’t an overly exciting or elaborate one, but it fit well within this #OneChicago event. I am very excited to finally see on of PD’s cases go to trial in the last episode of the TV event on Chicago Justice.