Emerald City (S01E10) “No Place Like Home”

Now that we’ve seen the season finale we are left with many questions. Like will we get a season 2? Will Dorothy return to Oz with Lucas the scarecrow? And how the hell did Toto and Lucas get to Kansas in that ending? What will become of Jack the tin man? Overall, this series ended up being such a great success wither thats just my opinion or many. But I never thought I would say that I would be team Wicked Witch of the West but I’m so on that team, Ana Ularu did a phenomenal job bringing a new version of that character to our small screens and I fell in love with that version of the character. And I know I’ve said it before but this series needs a season 2, people make your voices be heard. Tell NBC we want to go back to the yellow brick road, tell them to give us a season 2!

In this episode: We are brought back to just before Nahara (Mia Mountain) died which we see her last request that her husband Ojo (Olafur Olafsson) is spared from Witch of the East curse on that tree. The man with no skin spares Ojo as Nahara requested but the man with no skin took Nahara’s skin or most of it. We are then taken to Dorothy (Adria Arjona) with Toto marching to the Wizard (Vincent D`Onofrio). The Wizard is scared seeing the stone giants roaming free once again under Dorothy’s command. Thinking Dorothy betrayed him by siding with Glinda (Joely Richardson) he tries giving Dorothy one last chance to side with him.

Just when Dorothy sides with the Wizard the army is then attacked by Glinda’s witches. Feeling threatened Dorothy unleashes the power of the ruby gauntlets forcing the young witches to freeze in the swarm around Dorothy. Glinda makes her presence known by finding out the real reason in her eyes why Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) wouldn’t kill Dorothy. But Dorothy thinking it is because of love, but Glinda reveals its because how powerful her magic is or at least thats her theory. Glinda then makes Dorothy challenge against Sylvie (Rebeka Rea), Glinda tells Sylvie to destroy the stone giant as Dorothy tries to stop Sylvie; The Wizard shoots Sylvie killing her instantly. Filled with anger and rage Dorothy uses her magic to reveal all of the young witches out of the swarm.

With all the witches exposed and one of the stone giants destroyed the Wizard gives the order to kill all the witches. Hearing only gun fire and the screams of women, Jack (Gerran Howell) looks for Jane (Gina McKee) but comes across some of the Wizards men and his hacked to his death again. Dorothy then goes after the Wizard for spilling innocent blood using her magic to Darth Vader her way through the army’s men. Just before Dorothy is about to shoot the Wizard he tells her  if she kills him she will never go home. Dorothy spares his life for him to take her to the machine to send her home.

Meanwhile in the Emerald City, Tip (Jordan Loughran) and West (Ana Ularu) march their witch army through the city only to come face to face with the Lion (Mido Hamada) who killed Tip’s parents when she was a baby. When Tip asks why he spared her, the Lion tells Tip, she reminded him of his own daughter who was a little older than her at the time. Tip then demands for the men to bring his family to her. Tip then uses her magic on the lion’s family forcing his family to forever forget him. Tip then banishes the Lion from the city and forever live as the cowardly beast he is. The Lion then cowardly walks out of the city being hissed at by all the witches lead by Tip and West.

On the battlefield, all the young witches who were shot down were revived only to reveal to the Wizard that Glinda and her young witches are not the beast forever. The beast forever then makes his (dragon or bat or whatever the hell that thing was) way towards Emerald City. Glinda then takes her witches to the throne room to find West there, but before Glinda could begin a fight with West, West tells the truth the true queen of Emerald City has returned to her natural throne. Revealing its Tip, Glinda once again is not pleased.

As the Wizard tells Dorothy how to turn on the machine, he tells her he can’t return to Kansas with her. The Wizard then tries destroying the machine and killing Dorothy only to be stopped by Jane. The Wizard dies and Jane sends Dorothy back to Kansas. As Dorothy is transported back the Beast forever flies his way over Emerald City. Awaking back where the tornado picked her up in the pilot episode Dorothy checks on Karen (Gina Bellman). Dorothy then tries asking Karen if shes her real mother but Karen fainted because of the amount of blood she lost while waiting.

In the end of the episode: Dorothy talks with Aunt Em (Holly Hayes) about seeing Karen to ask her some questions but before shes able to make her way to the hospital she spots Toto. When she confronts Toto, Dorothy is then confronted by Lucas asking her to come back to Oz; back to her true home.

Will there be a Season 2? Stay tuned my readers to find out soon, probably around May or so but I’m hoping NBC does the right thing and gives this series another season.