Arrow: (S05E15) “Fighting Fire with Fire”

Review: While the second half of the season has been better than the first, I sadly don’t think that Arrow is going to rise from the ashes. Is it just me, or was this show a little bit less predictable in season 1 and 2? This episode was so boring to me, because I basically predicted everything.

Oliver (Stephen Amell) faced the impeachement trial, which he, of course, won. Has Oliver Queen or the Green Arrow ever lost any battle in the history of the show? Not exactly. I get the fact that he is a good mayor and of course it makes sense that the good beats the evil … But wouldn’t it be so much more interesting if he got impeached and the mayor became somebody so purely evil who could do a lot of damage? It wouldn’t last, I know, but it would give this season some energy at last.

He did have to throw the reputation of the Green Arrow under the bus, though. Which isn’t good news for the team, but it’s at least interesting!

Turns out Adrian (Josh Segarra) is some kind of a villain. Well who would have thought that a character who is new on the show and looks like he has a good heart is in fact not good at all? The show never did this before! Nope!

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) fixed the tough situation with Susan (Carly Pope) by giving the job back to her and now … Who knows, maybe Susan is willing to come back to Oliver. That wouldn’t be bad. I was sceptical of her character in the beginning, but she promises not to betray Oliver. By the end of the episode, though, Adrian approached her saying that he has to talk to her about something very important. And that probably can’t be good.

Also, Felicity joined the hacker team, if I am right, which seems quite exciting. And Thea (Willa Holland) gave a resignation letter. I don’t know what does that mean now, because Thea literally doesn’t have a storyline anymore. That’s why I was saying the previous season that Thea should have been the major death, not Laurel (Katie Cassidy). I do understand why they went with Laurel though, her death was simply more important.

I’m still waiting for something good this season … It’s not all bad, but I’m simply fed up with it.