Chicago Justice (S01E02): “Uncertainty Principle”

Chicago Justice officially premiered last night on NBC, hitting close to home for Chicago PD fans.

I think Chicago Justice is going to make a name for itself on NBC, along with Fire, Med, and PD. The show offers another insight to the crimes we love in PD, and gives viewers a whole new perspective into the Justice system.

The writers of Justice were extremely smart to start their series off with a case that involved Atwater, an already beloved character. But, perhaps more importantly, this episode and the inclusion of Atwater allowed us to understand Dawson’s current feelings about his career change – which are rightfully complex.

The pace of “Uncertainty Principle” was interesting, yet still allowed us to ease into the new lingo and workings of the show. I look forward to more intense, plot twist filled episodes later on in the season.

I found the directing of this episode to be similar to the other shows, yet also unique and more cinematic, at times, than the other Chicago shows.

As the first standalone episode of Chicago Justice, this episode was wonderful. While I enjoyed the show’s part in last week’s One Chicago event, I think this episode was far more effective in introducing us to characters and their roles in society.

Overall Rating: A